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Qua-Fiki tries Jim Gerrish's latest trick entitled "There's An Egg In Your Hat!" The egg on his head was laid by that chicken hat he is holding. The backyard workshop is getting cold and windy this time of year so we will be moving back indoors soon.


Warning! Qua-Fiki has changed his hair style once again! I'm showing you this so you can get used to the new look!


His current Kitchen Workshop magic project is called "Squarcle", pronounced "Skware'-kal." This one really looks like a kitchen workshop project since it is made from tin cans and juice cartons. It will soon be featured on The Magic Nook in The Wizards' Journal #27.


Qua-Fiki is still trying to master club juggling, which tells you it is not as easy as you might think after mastering silk scarves, bean bags, balls and rings. But he hasn't given up. Every time he comes to the Wiz Kid Garden, he spends some time with the clubs. He also does gardening work to keep the garden neat and clean (he built the raspberry fence in the background so it would hold up the raspberries for easy picking).


Qua-Fiki has been learning new skills this summer, working on "Kitchen Workshop" projects for publication by The Magic Nook. Everything in The Wizards' Journal #27 is built by hand using no power tools. Instead of working in a kitchen, he prefers to work in the outdoor workshop, but the same rules apply - no power tools - everything done by hand. So far he has made a Die Box, a Drawer Box, String Sticks, and this latest project which is called Bouncing Blocks A Libre.

He continues to be a free lance photographer and videographer for the East Orange Unified Marching Band. His latest project was covering the first football game of the season between East Orange and Bayonne.


It has been a long time since this was updated, so I'll catch up on Wiz Kid News. Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, now age 19, has become a trustee of The Wiz Kids, Inc. and started forming his own troupe of Wiz Kids in Newark, NJ.

He continues to work at The Magic Nook, developing, photographing, and demonstrating magic. Shown at the left is his latest project - an experiment in the art and science of Busking. It will be published by The Magic Nook in The Wizards' Journal #27 as "Fido-Fiki, The Busking Dog."

He also continues to do free-lance photography for The East Orange Unified Marching Band.

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