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Qua-Fiki and Jim have formed a partnership company (Go-Electrik )to build, repair and sell new and used electric vehicles- electric bicycles, electric tricycles, electric mo-peds, electric scooters and electric wheel chairs. This is currently a local company, limited to East Orange, Irvington, Orange, and the parts of West Orange in the valley of South Mountain. Services include repair and replacement batteries for most electric vehicles, tire and inner tube repair and replacement - that's Qua-Fiki's department, and consulting on innovative improvements and safety devices - that's Jim's department. Solar panels and Solar power stations will also be a part of the venture, bringing the latest technology to East Orange in this start-up small business.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, officially an adult, is now officially a licensed driver and is starting off with a nice second-hand car that he has already started to repair himself. It needs more work, but he doesn't start Culinary Arts School until October, so he has plenty of time to get it ready and running. In the meantime, he has his photography work with the East Orange Unified Marching Band's Summer Camp Program and occasionally finds time to work on his Magic tricks at The Magic Nook.

5/4/13 - Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki had a children's magic show performance today, but decided he needed something more to entertain the kids while Ms Saez and her face painting crew were painting faces, so he came back to the office and dug out our old "Cookie Monster" mascot costume that his stepdad (Wiz Kid Lee) used to wear (see inset and click on it to see original photo). He decided to walk back to the show wearing the costume, and just as soon as we finished taking this photo, some people who were walking down our street spotted him and came running over with their cameras and had to have pictures taken with "Cookie." They were adults, but remembered watching Cookie Monster on TV as kids, and just had to respond to seeing their childhood "hero" walking down our East Orange version of "Sesame Street." He reported that as he walked back to the show, cars slowed down, honked horns, and people waved to him all along the way.

On Saturday, April 20, 2013, Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki joined Ms. Saez and the Tomlinson young women to participate in the Collaborating Child Care Agencies' Fair at the Jersey Explorer's Children's Museum on Dodd Street in East Orange. The young women painted children's faces while Qua-Fiki entertained the crowd with his magic tricks.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, Wiz Kid Director Fred Goode and Wiz Kid Jim worked together to develop magic for the production of Pippin by the Theatre Arts Department of Cicely Tyson High School in East Orange. Qua-Fiki was mainly in charge of teaching unicycling and juggling to the actors, while Fred taught them some simple magic effects that are produced mainly by theatrical means. Jim produced magic props and juggling equipment and the three of them managed to make it appear spontaneous on stage, as if magic is an everyday occurance in the world of Pippin. More photos of the Magic in Pippin can be found HERE.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki passed his Juggling Ring exam today, juggling the rings without dropping them once for a total time of one minute. You may not think one minute is a long time, but if a juggler can keep scarves, beanbags, rings or clubs in the air for a full minute, he knows he can keep on going longer than that. It means his body has learned to do what it takes to juggle and he doesn't have to think about what he is doing- just do it! He will be performing a color-changing Juggling Ring routine in Pippin next weekend. Don't miss it!


Qua-Fiki's school is on Spring Break this week, so he spends his spare time working on new magic tricks for The Magic Nook and helping out at Pippin rehearsals at Cicely Tyson High School. The musical is scheduled for April 12, 13 and 14. So far Qua-Fiki has trained two unicycle riders and two jugglers. He will also appear in the show riding his new Giraffe unicycle onstage.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki wore his Al-Quadir Marsh Central High 's Lead Trumpet hat today in the Newark St. Patrick's Day Parade. The East Orange Unified Marching Band will not be marching in any Spring parades this year because they can't get funding for buses to take them to the parades and bring them home again. So Qua-Fiki is handing his camera to anyone in his band, including Band Director Herrel, to take photos so he can write up the stories and earn some money for his car fund.


On Crispus Attucks Day, having some time off from school, Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki went to work today at his other "job" as free lance photographer for the East Orange Interactive Museum. Today he and Director Fred Goode went to the East Orange Water Works in Millburn, NJ to record the history of the facility there and to start work on creating a Virtual Tour of our water system from rain in the forest back to the faucets in East Orange.

The photo at the left (taken by Director Fred Goode), shows Qua-Fiki recording how Tyrone Brinkley tests the water for chlorine content, part of the process of protecting the well water from contaminants as it travels through the pipes of our city.


Before he ends his career as a Wiz Kid, we decided to invest in a "Giraffe" unicycle for Qua-Fiki to ride in the Spring Parades and in "Pippin". Here is a separate page showing how he went from assembling the Giraffe, to mounting it for the first time, and immediately discovering that he already knew how to ride it because of his experience with the small unicycles. One more badge for him to wear on his badge-covered shirt!


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki passes on his Wiz Kid skills of juggling and unicycling to the actors and dancers of the musical Pippin that will be performed at Cicely Tyson High School later in the Spring. The students have only a few months to learn the skills, and the first lesson is that they have about a month of falling from the unicycle and dropping the scarves and bean bags they will be juggling before they finally learn to "turn off their brains" and let their automatic reflexes take over.

Qua-Fiki learned this lesson in the Spring of 2008, so he is well qualified to be a teacher.


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki showed up for his video demonstration of Professor Spellbinder's Die-Confundus sporting a new Mohawk. He has worn his hair in the Mohawk style before, but not so elegant as this. Perhaps it is because the news is filled with N.A.S.A.'s Flight Director for the Mars rover Curiosity, Bobak Ferdowsi, who is attending the Presidential Inauguration this weekend in his own Mohawk hair design (see inset upper left).

While Qua-Fiki demonstrated Die-Confundus, he also demonstrated his own latest invention, that magical Desk Organizer on the table.

So begins the new year of 2013, Qua-Fiki's last year as a Wiz Kid (he turns 18 in June). Will he graduate from high school? Will he get his driver's license? Will he invent more new magic tricks? I predict the answer is "Yes" to all of those questions.

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