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While East Orange Parents were attending an evening meeting with teachers and staff at Campus High School in East Orange, Qua-Fiki was in the library entertaining their children with his magic tricks. After a brief magic show, Qua-Fiki brought out the animal balloons and from then on, there was a steady demand for his balloon twisting skills until it was time to go.


Qua-Fiki caught in the act, performing in one of the camp cabins at Camp Greenlane in Pennsylvania for an enthusiastic audience of students attending the East Orange Unified Marching Band Summer Camp there. In the photo, Qua-Fiki is showing the campers a card trick. Because Hurricane Irene had passed through the area recently, the camp schedule was changed and he had to quickly transform many of his planned table-hopping shows into cabin-hopping shows. There's nothing like a magic show to take your mind off wind and rain. More photos from Camp Greenlane are on Qua-Fiki's personal page.


Qua-Fiki is preparing to join his Uncle Fred's Summer Band Camp at Greenlane, PA in the Pocono Mountains during the last week of August. In addition to his photo-journalism coverage of the Band activities, Qua-Fiki will be attempting to earn his "Wiz Kid Master's Degree" in Table Hopping by performing at least one Tablehopping session per day while he is at the camp. He will also be MC of the Camp's Talent Show, but he already has his Wiz Kid MC degree. Here you see him practicing on one of his Tablehopping shows in my kitchen, early on a Saturday morning.

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, "Tablehopping" is when a performer goes from table to table in a restaurant or dining hall, performing brief shows of magic for the people seated at the table. The same show is repeated at each table that requests a performance, and he must vary the show from table to table because sometimes people from other tables are looking on as he is performing at a near-by table and the element of surprise may be lost unless he takes that into account.

More Photos of Qua-Fiki and by Qua-Fiki are on the site of the East Orange Unified Marching Band.

Photos from video by Al-Quadir Marsh


The Wiz Kids were scheduled to perform at Cicely Tyson Community School to support the Unified Marching Band's Fund Raising Benefit. Unfortunately it rained that day and several of the Wiz Kid members had to drop out for a variety of reasons. But the show must go on and promises must be kept, so Wiz Kid Directors Fred Goode, Jim Gerrish and Assistant Director Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki divided up the magic and put on a show that did not disappoint their East Orange fans.


Wiz Kids (L-R) Ee-Gee-Fiki, Qua-Fiki, Wilhelmina, and Wiz Kid Director Fred Goode attended the Jersey Magic Jam in Clark, NJ, to see the latest magic props, like the ones produced by magical woodworker and carpenter Tony Karpinski (Right) of Massachusetts.

See more Details of the Jersey Magic Jam HERE...

Photo by Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki


Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki has been very busy maintaining good grades in high school, but this past Saturday he took time to participate in the Irvington Library's celebration of African American Authors. Qua-Fiki and the Wiz Kids donated some new magic books to the children's librarian, including Qua-Fiki's own "Go Fish Card Tricks" book. Then Qua-Fiki put on a show made up mostly from Go Fish Tricks found in his book, but also including some new ones that have nothing to do with cards.

At the left, Qua-Fiki is performing his Go Fish Monte while the kids in the audience try to keep track of which fish is where.

Photo by Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki


The Irvington Library show ended with one of Qua-Fiki's latest inventions in which kids from the audience go fishing in an empty bait bucket and find all of the fish handkerchiefs you see displayed, plus a rainbow (look over their heads) and instead of a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Qua-Fiki holds up a giant bowl of goldfish to end the show.

Read about the other events at the Library HERE.


This is from last year when Qua-Fiki had just finished writing his Go Fish Card Tricks book:

Between school work, chores, and helping out at The Magic Nook, Qua-Fiki has also been writing a book. His book is called "Go Fish Card Tricks" and it contains many variations on old card tricks known to many magicians, plus some new ones that Qua-Fiki invented just for this book. Every trick in the book has a fish theme and can be performed with the Go Fish Cards that Qua-Fiki shows how to print on a computer printer.

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