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Wiz Kid Marquise is learning how to build an appearing flower trick. Part of the Wiz Kid training is learning to make one's own props and magic tricks so that each Wiz Kid will be self sufficient when he goes off on his own as a performer.


Wiz Kid Marquise shows off his circus costume for his Billy Blockhead act. He will be introducing this new magic trick on this summer's shows. The trick is described for magicians on The Magic Nook .

In the article, Marquise describes how he built Billy Blockhead (with help from Jim Gerrish and others).


Unicycle Awards Day!

Both Wiz Kids Qua-Fiki and Marquise were awarded possession of the Unicycles they had worked so long to master. Each of them made it completely around the track at Watsessing Park in East Orange, which proved they were Masters of the Unicycle at last, but it Marquise who accomplished it first. Qua-Fiki then becamed determined to catch up with his friend and was the second to make it completely around the track. Frederick Goode, Director of The Wiz Kids, then awarded each of them with brand new Unicycles and Helmets.

As of today (June, 2008), Marquise is considered First Unicyclist of this Wiz Kid Troupe, not just because he mastered it first, but because he continues to be the leader in trying new stunts and improving his unicycling skills.

Wiz Kid Marquise joined in February of 2008, inspired by watching his friend and neighbor Qua-Fiki working out on a unicycle. Marquise soon overtook Qua-Fiki and became the first Wiz Kid of this 2008 troupe to master riding the unicycle.

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