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Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki started his guillotine restoration project back in June of 2008 and finally got some time today to haul it back out of the dungeon to get it ready for a planned Halloween show.

The restoration of the guillotine itself was completed slowly during the year, but today Ee-Gee cut the wooden feet and mounted them to hold the guillotine upright. Then, naturally, when cousin Qua-Fiki rode up on his bicycle, they had to try it out, even though it is still missing some parts. Qua-Fiki courageously put his head inside and hung onto his ears in case his head went flying when the blade dropped. Fortunately, this was painless and bloodless and Qua-Fiki managed to reattach his head before wobbling back home on his bicycle.


Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki has started work on a new book of magic tricks all made from foamboard. He first used foamboard to work on a school project, making a model house and then began thinking up ways to use it as a building material for new magic tricks. He also assisted his cousin Qua-Fiki in making the Flippy Floppy Production Box and Puppy Fiki's Doghouse.

The trick he is working on will be the first one for his book, and it is called "The Holey Box." The box has holes in each side, so it resembles a die, but one you can see through from every angle as he shows it to be empty. Then from each of the holes, Ee-Gee-Fiki begins to pull out colored silk handkerchiefs.

If he had to make the box from wood, it would have taken a very long time, but made from foamboard, the proto-type box was easily made in a few hours. He'll use this mock-up box to work out the bugs in his invention and then make a fancier version to use in shows. Eventually the box could be made in wood, but by starting first with foamboard, he can quickly and easily work out all the details of the trick.

When Ee-Gee-Fiki has a few of these foamboard projects finished, the book will begin to be sold to interested magicians on The Magic Nook web site. Watch for it!


Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki begins work on his latest project. He will be making some videos of his original magic tricks from the book he wrote when he was 7 years old (Tear-Able Magic - Paper Magic for Wizards). One of the first tricks in the book is called the Wizard Hat Paper Tear. For Ee-Gee-Fiki that was easier to write than it was to say out loud on camera; it took him 18 takes before he said it correctly and you can see from his smile that he is happy that the video can now move along to the next scene. We will post the video on YouTube when it is done so you can see him in action!


It's official! Wiz Kid Eleazar is now Wiz Kid Ee-Gee-Fiki! And he has invented a new magic trick and published it on The Magic Nook. The new trick is called "Bye, Bye Bunny!" The trick involves Ee-Gee-Fiki's pet rabbit, named Bunny-Fiki.


The plot of Ee-Gee-Fiki's new trick is that his bunny is missing and he tries to make it appear in his magic Post Office. When Bunny-Fiki finally does appear (having visited Hawaii), he stays just long enough to nibble a carrot, then promptly vanishes again, this time off to China!


The sun comes out, so Eleazar continues working on his guillotine. This time he is putting on new brass catches and hinges. The guillotine is almost finished at this point and Eleazar is busy asking relatives if they want to volunteer to be first to try it out. So far there have been no enthusiastic responses.


It's been a busy summer for Eleazar, but today he finds time to get back on the restoration project. This time it's the guillotine blade that needs polishing, and it takes quite a bit of hard rubbing to do the job.


Eleazar has been scalped! The Mohawk Hair Style is gone, but the guillotine restoration project continues. Eleazar decided to spray paint the entire guillotine with glossy black and then add shiny details on top for decorations. There is discussion of a talking skull mounted on top, who warns kids not to get too close to it and to "watch out for flying fingers!"


Eleazar, sporting his summer Mohawk hair-style, is refinishing a used U.F. Grant guillotine we found at a garage sale. Apparently, the owner was a magician who had passed away and the surviving relatives had no idea what it was worth (we got it for $10). I think the idea of having a guillotine in the house made them nervous and they just wanted to be rid of it.

The guillotine was in pretty bad shape, but Eleazar took it on as his summer woodshop project. As it begins to take on new life for his Wiz Kid act, we'll show his progress. Today he removed all the hardware and we bought new brass hinges and pull catches. Then he filled all the old holes with wood putty, and sanded everything smooth. After the wood putty dries overnight, it will get a final sanding and then we'll figure out what color to paint it.

Meanwhile, what is a ventriloquist going to do with a guillotine in his act? I can't give away Eleazar's plans for this, but it gives "talking heads" new meaning.

Eleazar has been an honorary Wiz Kid since he was seven years old. We normally only work with Kids between the ages of 12 and 18, but since Eleazar's dad is Wiz Kid Director, Eleazar was always underfoot and soon became the unofficial Wiz Kid Mascot. His grandfather, Professor Spellbinder, wrote some stories about him to help him learn to read. In those stories he was called "Eleazar Goodenough," so he adopted that name when he joined the Wiz Kids.

You can see more of his previous work in magic that he began at the age of five and which continues to this day. He would watch his father or Professor Spellbinder do some magic trick and offered suggestions on how to improve it. When he went with his parents on a shopping trip, he always found something he could turn into a magic effect, like his first invention, the Tarot Box, which was discovered by him in a craft store when he was five years old.

Eleazar is currently working on ventriloquism and will present a "trained animal act" in the Wiz Kid Mini-Magic Circus this summer. As usual, we always expect the unusual from Eleazar.

2003 - Five-year old Eleazar was photographed as a model in The Wizards' Journal #1. He also contributed an original magic effect for that issue - Tarot Box. Also invented: Feather-Flight 2004 - Six-year old Eleazar had created so many paper magic tricks that it was decided he should release them in his own book entitled "Tear-Able Magic." He was also included in the Brief Biographies of Magic Inventors that year. Invented Possessed Pumpkins, which was published in 2005. 2005 - At the age of seven, Eleazar invented and contributed several more original effects to The Wizards' Journals. Invented: T-Shirt Magic, Pop-Corn Popper. The Wiz Kids adopted him as their "Unofficial Mascot" and he was allowed to attend their meetings.
2006 - Sometimes eight-year old Eleazar likes to just be a regular kid and play at the park with his sister and his other friends. He was too busy with school work to model for The Wizards' Journal, so we have no "official" Magic Nook photos of him for this year.

However, he continued to work on magic effects and by the end of the year he had invented and had published: Every Century Silks, and the Torn and Restored Napkin Prediction. He also started working with Hat Rings.

2007 - At age nine, Eleazar begian publication of a new book on Hat Rings. So far the book is unfinished because this is also the year he started Clarinet Lessons, Trumpet Lessons and Flute Lessons. Busy, busy, busy!

One of his Hat Ring inventions can be seen in the photo- A Christmas Tree that lights up and blinks. Additional inventions and publications: Step On It! , Pop-Over Silk Dye, Street Bike, Pop-Out Hamburger, Cauldron Capers.

2008 - Today, at the age of ten, Eleazar has joined a troupe of Wiz Kids and now is working on the full range of Wiz Kid performing arts skills, as well as occasionally coming up with his own unique magic inventions. His cousin is Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, and his dad, Director of the Wiz Kids Frederick Goode, are also shown in this photo taken in March of 2008 at the Magic Funday Convention. Wiz Kid Marquise appears at the top of the photo.
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