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Rune Magik
by Jim Gerrish

Much of what we know about Vikings and the voyages of discovery by Leif Erikson, come from their records written in Runes. The word Rune can mean “mystery” or “secret” in old Germanic languages, since Runes were often associated with and had an important role in rituals and magic or "magik".

Make your own Rune Stones, Rune Sticks, Rune Balls, Rune Cards, Rune Dice, Rune Discs and Rune Jewelry to use when you perform Rune Magik. Use Rune Magik to see the future, find lost or hidden objects, "heal" broken or torn objects, bewitch a friend and more.

A word to the wise:



InsideOutside Box
by Jim Gerrish

Bring out the empty box with the red side outside and the green side inside. Pull away the two sides and flip the box over so that now you have the green side outside and the red side inside. An “InsideOutside Box”, get it? It is obviously empty so you hand it to a spectator and have the audience decide what side should be outside (let him try both just to prove the box is empty). When he holds up the box in the air, you reach in and produce a silk handkerchief the same color as the outside of the box. Have him flip the sides to the opposite color, and again reach in and produce a silk handkerchief of the opposite color. From then on, whenever you need a dove or a prop that will fit into the box, hand someone the box to turn inside out, then take it and out comes the live dove or whatever prop you wanted (as long as it fits in the box). Build it yourself from heavy cardboard and stretchy nylon book covers - sources suggested.



by Jim Gerrish

I call this “Halloweenies” because it uses masks, but you can perform the trick all year long. It is a Mental Magic trick, but it can be used with small children as well as older children and adults. You'll need eight helpers and as you greet them, they each choose a mask (you can make these or buy them). The youngest gets to be the ring-leader and lines the other animals up in a row across the stage or performance space. Then the fun begins with acting like animals, sounding like animals, and having fun playing animals. Finally, the youngest child, as ring leader, gets to choose his favorite animal and it turns out that you prove that animal was chosen long before the games began, and that each child chose the animal whose mask he would wear and each child wins a prize for predicting his or her own future.



Miracle Mind
by Jim Gerrish

A sealed small envelope is held by a spectator. Others can participate in shuffling portions of a deck of cards until satisfied the deck is as mixed up as possible. The audience chooses one of their own to select one single card from the shuffled deck. She holds it high in the air, while the envelope is opened. There is only one card in the envelope, verified by the opener. The card sealed in the envelope, since before the trick even started, matches the one card chosen from the deck by the spectator. It can only be called a Miracle. It is based on Al Koran's Five Star Prediction. Jim just added "improvements".



by Yusuf Tremil

If you don't have $300 to spend on the latest electronic crayon trick, buy a pack of crayons from the Dollar Store and perform the same kinds of tricks on the cheap! This was how it was done BEFORE electronics entered our magic world. While you are blindfolded, or simply turned away from her, a spectator uses the black crayon to draw several simple shapes- perhaps a circle, a box and a star. You are drawing at the same time only no one can see what you are drawing and everyone can see what the spectator is drawing. Then she freely chooses color crayons to color each shape. When she is done, you show everyone that on your pad, you have drawn the same shapes using the exact same colors. More mental effects can be accomplished using these same simple techniques.



Comedy Card Lesson
by Jim Gerrish

This comedy card routine was inspired by an idea of English magician, Jack Shepherd, who first released it in 1946.

You "teach" a spectator (of any age 9 to 90) to perform three (or more) "impossible" card tricks, but your explanations of what you are doing are so far-fetched and funny that he or she (and your audience) have no idea how you did them. They still have a lot of fun learning not to trust a magician who is "explaining" magic tricks that "anyone can do with a deck of cards."



Shower Curtain Illusions
by Jim Gerrish

Here are some Illusions you can build with PVC pipes and decorate with Shower Curtains for the season or any special occasions. Sources for inexpensive shower curtains are given, or you can use any that you find for less money in many local stores. The Illusions included are for making one or more people appear, disappear, levitate, escape, and multiply on any stage, and even in most living rooms. Change the front shower curtains for most holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or seasons like Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.



Dollar For Your Thoughts
by Jim Gerrish

A choice of dollar bills - any value - borrow one. Pick a number from 9 to 13. From an envelope filled with random words made from that many letters (like "Unbelievable" in the picture - 12 letters) the spectator selects one of the words and attaches a blank strip of paper to the dollar bill. You make a bet (with his money!) that you will read his mind letter by letter and reveal the word he chose. If he loses, you will give him another chance to win back his money! A seemingly impossible mental test that you can make him win or lose as YOU wish!



by Jim Gerrish

Effect: A spectator freely chooses any number from 1 to 8. In doing so, the number is shown to refer to one of eight Parapsychology Designs. The Parapsychologist proves that the same design was predicted long before the choice was made by the spectator. The + simply means that even knowing what is about to happen changes nothing- Parapsychology repeats itself with a new number and a new design. A new Pscience has been discovered! Won't unbelievers be Psssd Off?

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