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Shuffle Sack
by Jim Gerrish

Shuffling Jumbo Cards can be messy. Cards can fly hither-thither, around the table, on the floor. Use my mesh-front, see-through Shuffle Sack and shuffle the cards as much as you want, faces front or back without losing one. What the audience doesn't know is that the Shuffle Sack can switch Cards or even whole decks of Jumbo Size Cards all while innocently shuffling away. The Sack is empty at the start and empty at the end, but the cards are now stacked or set up however you want and you did it right in front of their snoopy little noses. Spectators can also use it to shuffle Jumbo Cards without discovering its secrets. Make it yourself by sewing, or by iron-on webbing or fabric gluing.



See-Thru Box
by Jim Gerrish

This $10 transparent Ring Box can be used for a variety of different effects, from Linking Wedding Rings, to an Ambitious Jumbo Card Color-change Finale, and many more (included in the e-Book). Try this: The box has a Jumbo blue-back card folded and placed in it at the start. It sits on the table while you perform some Jumbo Card tricks with a red-back deck of cards. One of the tricks involves a free selection of a red-back Jumbo Card that is signed by the spectator. During the course of the trick, the red-back card disappears. The Transparent Box is opened and the Jumbo blue-back card it contains is unfolded. It is the spectator's chosen card SIGNED and TRANSFORMED into a blue-backed Jumbo Card.



Got Your Number
by Jim Gerrish

Three spectators choose a random single digit number from 0 to 9, which you write down for the audience to see. Let's say they pick "7, 2, 9" A fourth spectator removes the Zodiac Medallion from around your neck and shows the audience the numbers "7 2 9" that are ENGRAVED into the back of the metal medallion. The idea dates back to 1939 (Steward James), goes through improvements from Al Koran (1968) and Johnny Thompson, and finally my own version with real metal engraving of the chosen numbers on a decorated metal medallion you buy inexpensively, or make yourself (carved wood). All sources are provided.



Double Whizzo
by Jim Gerrish

In memory of Wiz Kid Jerry Catcher, I finished the trick he inspired in 1988. From "Whizzo" to "Double Whizzo", two playing cards chosen by spectators, signed by them and held tightly in their hands, fly across the stage invisibly and change places in an instant. It was great when only one card flew from the deck to a hand, but it is twice as amazing when two signed cards jump between the hands of TWO spectators at the same time and neither of them has any idea how it happened. No need for jumbo cards, you can do this on the largest stage in front of the largest audience using regular sized playing cards and it can be seen as a miraculous simultaneous transposition. Can also be done using kids' picture cards, dollar bills (the serial numbers switch), credit cards (in envelopes), etc.



3 Piggy Silks
by Jim Gerrish

The Three Little Pigs story has been told with cards and plaques, but this is for magicians who like silk magic. You'll have to paint the Pigs and Wolf on the silks yourself, unless you learn how to print them on silk with your inkjet printer. But all you need is our routine and silk moves and you can change the pictures and plot to whatever you choose - Three Billy Goats Gruff, Three Blind Mice, Three Funny Clowns, Four Little Kittens, Five Shooting Stars... and so on. Three (or more) children get to stuff the silks in clear plastic containers, hold them throughout and yet at the end, they change to three (or more) striped silks. The kids stuff them in, they take them out... it's all under their control...until MAGIC happens!



Packed and Ready to Go
by Victor the Magician

In 1971, Jim Gerrish published this Complete Magic Show Prop in Genii Magazine under his name Victor the Magician. It was just "rediscovered" after all these years and may be useful for some of today's magicians to transport, carry, set up, perform from, and pack down an entire magic show in one small (15" x 15" -or so) box. Everything you might need for the typical children's show or adult living room show is carried in this one box, ready to perform and then pack it all away and carry it to the next location all Packed and Ready To Go.



Clowning Around
by Jim Gerrish

Inspired by "Obie" O'Brien's Kolossal Kolored Kards but not able to handle the sleight of hand required any more, Jim Gerrish hands four helpers four black and white Clown Cards with black and white card designs on the backs. In the helpers' hands, each of their clowns changes color to match the silk handkerchief that covers it. When the cards are turned over, the backs have changed into matching color circus tents. You can change the clown designs to animals, cartoons, toys, etc. for kids... or come up with your own adult themes. The number four is not limited, either; generally from three to ten cards can be used. You print out the cards and assemble them according to Jim's instructions. Cards can be made fully examinable at the end.



by Jim Gerrish

There are all kinds of production boxes in magic shops, and also ones that you can make yourself, but I think this one is a bit different. Four hardboard panels are handed to the audience and one by one the person holding a panel comes up and places it on a thin hardboard base held by you, the magician. The four pieces turn into a rectangular tower box held together magnetically on the base.
“In the beginning, there was nothing. Then the first magician said, ‘Come Forth!’ and out of the tower of life slithered a life form.” And another, and another, and another. At the end of the slithering Slithers, the tube is taken apart to reveal the Tree of Life growing from the platform base, taller than the tube was.
Is that different? No Black Art, no confusing tubes, no mirrors (unless you want them dangling from the branches of the Tree of Life). Easily built, Slithers and all.



Sunny Up
by Jim Gerrish

It looks like the usual silk to egg trick – you take a green silk handkerchief and roll it around in your hand and when you stop rolling, you show that the handkerchief has turned into an egg. Here’s where it gets different. You hand the egg to a spectator and have him crack it open over a plate or ashtray. Sure enough, it contains a green silk, but now printed on the silk is a fried egg. If you want, you can then take the silk with the fried egg picture and shake it hard and off flops a fake plastic fried egg into someone’s hands. More fun than the usual silk to egg! Other variations include Silk to Christmas Tree Ball, Silk to Fruit, and more. Learn one and you have them all available to perform for any occasion!



Appearing Kid!
by Jim Gerrish

One of my favorite home-made illusions from the time I was a teenager until I passed it along to the Wiz Kids was this "Appearing Kid" illusion. Based on Harlan Tarbell's "Three Kings and a Queen" I got rid of the assistants and performed it with myself and one young person. When I was a teen, I made my sister appear, but the Wiz Kids used it to make another Wiz Kid appear... just the two of them, boy or girl. Three panels, made of cardboard cut from a cardboard appliance box and painted purty, are shown on all sides and formed by you, the magician, into a triangle. POW! The kid appears inside the cardboard triangle and no one knows how he got there. It's as good as it gets on a low budget and easy to cart around in your car.

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