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Mount Rushmore Magic
Plus Patriotic Magic
by Jim Gerrish

This can be a magical history lesson for school shows, or for performing at election rallies or any patriotic events. Or it can be just magic for the sake of magic. You pick, you choose. Pick 4 helpers who can name one of the four presidents appearing on Mt. Rushmore. Each one produces magic in his or her hand to prove that the president they chose also chose them.

More Patriotic Magic: Mis-made flags of the World including Canadian Flag, UK Flag, and of course, American Flag with some new twists. Snippity-Snap! Someone secretly selects any one of the 46 past presidents, and your scissors reveal who he is thinking of. One Line Art: Drawing just one line to make a chosen animal appear on your paper.



New Way Candy Vase
by Jim Gerrish

The Paul Fox/Danny Dew Candy Vase, which was last selling for hundreds of dollars, is no longer available. That's where DIY comes in handy. This "Do It Yourself" Magic Candy Vase will cost at the most, $20 (not counting the candy you produce). Unlike earlier versions, this one is made of glass or clear plastic and you can see the candy appear like magic. Then you can use your magic vase to fill other vases to distribute among your audience so everyone gets some. Or make it all disappear. It's up to you!



Critter Cabin
by Jim Gerrish

Everything needed to make this trick can be found at Dollar Tree. Build the little Bird House, that we call "Critter Cabin", following my directions using materials found at Dollar Tree. Buy the little hedge hogs, parrots, and other critters if you want them. Now you have a magic act the kids will love to watch. They can yell out tricks for the critters to perform after they appear, one by one, inside the empty Critter Cabin. At the end, have the kids, who are holding your critter friends, push them back into the house before you take it all apart, piece by piece, and put it away. We left our cabin unpainted so you could imagine what colors you want to paint it for YOU.



Look-Away Dove Cage
by Jim Gerrish

This is only for use with live trained doves partnered with equally live trained magicians. You make the dove appear (your favorite method). You put the dove into the Look-Away Dove Cage. As you continue on with your act, the dove disappears from the cage. At your leisure, you make the same dove appear again. And again. And again. It happens the moment the audience is looking away from the cage, satisfied that the dove is imprisoned. But the dove has a secret accomplice to help him vanish and get back in the game. You. Easy to Build from thin Basswood or Balsa wood.



Butterfly Magic
by Jim Gerrish

From a simple appearing, flying, vanishing butterfly to a whole flock of them, some even human size, you can use the plans in this e-Book to make your own silk, flying butterflies and costumes for however big or small a show you have in mind. Also learn to paint your own silk butterflies (or other designs) so you won't be dependent on a dwindling magic store market for large decorative color silks. Perform "Astrosphere" with a giant Monarch Butterfly and you'll appreciate how a butterfly captivates an audience in a way a cold metal ball can't.



by Professor Spellbinder

Formerly performed with ESP (Zenner) cards, my version is performed with a regular deck of 52 playing cards, making the predictions of five separate freely chosen cards all the more impossible, especially when the audience can see the predictions being fulfilled in real time, one by one and the spectator making his or her random selections as if controlled by a higher power. The audience participates from the beginning random shuffling of the cards, seeing the prediction made by the mentalist (you), and seeing the chosen helpless spectator unable to do anything but make the predictions come true as they watch.



Card Shock!
by Jim Gerrish

I used to be called a Card Shark until I modified Richard Osterlind's 1986 "Card Miracle" in 1990 and performed it with Jumbo Cards. Now they call me a Card Shocker. Here's why. Three spectators each choose a jumbo card and either write their names on it, or attach a sticky note with their names written on it. BAM! When I clap my hands, the magic happens. The three cards immediately disappear from the deck and appear inside sealed envelopes, each in a different pocket of my jacket. Each person verifies that the card is the one chosen by their signed names or labels. This is no card trick... this is card MAGIC!



Key Ring
by Jim Gerrish

This was originally designed to be used as a magical part of an escape act. A ring is borrowed from a spectator and bolted into a small wooden box, then given to a neutral spectator to hold. A pair of handcuffs are locked onto the Escapist’s wrists and the key is then bolted inside a second small wooden box and given to a second neutral spectator to hold. The Escapist manages to escape from the handcuffs without need for the key. At the end when the box containing the ring is unsealed by the spectator, it is found to contain the key to the handcuffs. The box that contained the key now holds the ring which is returned to the spectator unharmed.



by Jim Gerrish

Based on an ancient Roman torture restraint, the Escapist challenges two spectators to tie his hands far apart with ropes stapled on the ends of a wooden crossbar. They do their best to tie him up but when they turn their backs on him, he is instantly out and free to let the still-tied ropes be examined and even taken home as souvenirs, if you wish. Build it yourself from readily available (Home Depot) parts.

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