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Bottle Miracle
by Jim Gerrish

So, you bought a $60.00 Nielsen Vanishing Coke Bottle Trick and are performing the one trick it does, vanishing in a paper bag. Are you getting your money's worth? Here's how to get the most mileage from the magic bottle by spending only a few dollars more to make it a Bottle Miracle. You can start by opening the bottle and pouring out some soda into glasses. "It's the Real Thing!" Then, as usual, you put the empty bottle into a paper lunch bag. Other magicians just crumple up their bags, but you completely tear up the bag into small pieces. That bottle is REALLY gone! Now you gather up a few of the torn bag pieces and restore them... but only into a very small paper bag. But inside the bag is a real glass miniature Coca-Cola bottle which you give someone to hold while you search for more of the torn bag pieces so you can continue restoring the paper bag to its full size. Once the bag is restored, you take the miniature Coke bottle, insert it into the bag and twist the top of the bag so it can't get away. You hand the bag to a spectator and you all sing the Coca-Cola song. When the bag is opened, it contains a real glass bottle of Coca-Cola - full of liquid coke once more. Now THAT'S a Miracle! And there's MORE inside this e-Book!



Transforming Box
by Jim Gerrish

Effect: The magician shows an empty cardboard box on all sides. A spectator is handed the box and asked to look inside. “Do you see any flowers, silk handkerchiefs, flags, rabbits, secret trap doors, mirrors?” asks the magician. The helper says, “No.”

The magician takes the box from the helper and suddenly it falls open, showing silk handkerchiefs, flags, flowers, a mirror, and a secret trap door in the center. After the audience laughs and recovers from seeing all that stuff in the previously “empty” box, the “secret trap door” flies open and a rabbit puppet makes its appearance through the door. After an entertaining puppet routine, it all goes back in the box and disappears, leaving the spectator with an examinable empty cardboard box once more.



Spellbinder's Diary
by Professor Spellbinder

No offense meant to those magic inventors who have come up with clever tricks involving a Diary in which a spectator can locate a chosen card, but as I get older, my memory gets worse and I can no longer remember complicated card stacks and mathematical rules for locating selected cards. So in my own defense, I came up with a way that can use any simple (Dollar Store) monthly calendar or monthly planner (no switching required and NO MEMORIZATION required, either!). It can also use any deck of playing cards, including a borrowed deck. The spectator freely names any day of the year, and freely chooses one from among all 52 cards in the deck. Both the Monthly Planner and the deck of cards can be from the Dollar store and the trick prepared and learned in one evening. The date chosen matches the card chosen, with no switching of either planner or deck of cards, and no mathematical calculations nor memorization required.



Zodiac Discovery
by Professor Spellbinder

Here is an easy method to discover the secret Zodiac sign of any person, or the Zodiac sign of anyone they secretly choose - spouse, friend, or enemy. Simple single digit mathematics addition and subtraction is the key. Print the four beautiful jumbo cards from our images using your own computer printer.

Also includes an "Astro-Prediction" by Dr. Jaks, brought up to date that makes use of the Wizards' Journal #17 "Astro-Logical" Zodiac Cards you make yourself or purchase ready made from Make Playing Cards company.



by Jim Gerrish

One of the favorite prediction tricks of Wiz Kid Mentalists in years past has always been my 1979 trick, PLOTTO. Most of the kids grew up knowing about lottery numbers and that probably explains their interest – dreaming of the big win. But being able to predict all six (or so) Powerball Lottery numbers in the correct order in which they were drawn is always exciting for any audience to watch. Using a simple deck of 52 (or so) randomly mixed numbered cards for the choosing of six (or so) random numbers in an imitation Powerball Lottery, the spectator shocks himself and the audience by predicting every single number in order on the winning card!



Color Visionary
by Jim Gerrish

About the year 1930, mentalist-dealer Martin Sunshine of New York invented a trick he named Color Vision. Soon afterwards, when marketed by S.S. Adams and Co., it became one of the most popular pocket magic tricks of all time. Unfortunately, because so many people know how it works, something new was needed. Jim provides new containers for sealing the old color cubes, plus new shapes that go beyond the cube... can you say dodecahedron? Welcome to the twenty-first century!



Coupon Clipper & Coupon Couwickie
by Jim Gerrish

In 2017 I published Rip-Rite in The Wizards’ Journal #34, as a basic torn and restored newspaper performed with a supermarket advertising paper from our local store, Shop-Rite.

This time, I will describe my TWO versions of what has become known as a “No Tear Newspaper.” You have already clipped out coupons from a supermarket advertising flyer, with jokes for each coupon bargain, but then you read the fine print and learn that the joke is on you. Coupons must be clipped out only when you check-out of the store. So you'll have to restore all the coupons back to the original flyer. Can it be done? Are you magician enough? Complete with Coupon Cut-up Jokes and Coupon Couwickie.



QuarterMaster Card Trick
by Professor Spellbinder

A borrowed Quarter from one spectator vanishes and then reappears to locate a freely chosen Card from a second spectator. Both Quarter and Card are signed. Well, there goes that card, so the deck is now useless... but wait... one of the Jokers has been asking for a promotion, so you give the Joker his wish and transform him into the missing card with no signature. Now your deck is minus a Joker, but otherwise complete. The other Joker undergoes a playing card "Mitosis" and duplicates itself so now the deck is fully restored with all 52 cards and two Jokers. What will you do for an encore?



Mime Magic
by Jim Gerrish

Perfect for noisy, boisterous venues where you either have to shout to be heard, or perform silently, mime style. Your lines are printed on large cards for the audience to read: "Want to See Magic? Watch!"; "Pick a Card!"; "Show It to Everyone!"; "Not Me!"; "Try Again. Pick Another Card. Don't Let Me See It!"; "Hold It Against Your Body." ... and so it goes. You perform a Card Trick in which a Six of Diamonds changes magically into the Nine of Diamonds (the chosen card); You make a Presidential Prediction, and you're in it; You end with a Three Card Monte Surprise. All without uttering a word. Plus more suggestions for Mime Magic.



Blankety-Blank Cards
by Jim Gerrish

According to the dictionary, "Blankety-Blank" is a euphemism for a lot of "unspeakable" words better left unspoken. But my Blankety-Blank Cards really are blank on both sides, all 52 of them. Spectators can handle them and look for card faces and backs, but only those who truly believe in magic can cause any card they merely think of to appear with the color back of their choice (red or blue - let's not get crazy!). Once you "show them how it's done," you hand the blank cards to the spectators and they make the next thought-of card appear all by themselves. Includes Jim's "Deck Dissolve" as a bonus effect.

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