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BOA Trix
by Jim Gerrish

Fatter, flashier, and more visible than a rope, the feather boa from a Dollar Store can be used to perform most rope trix ... and then some trix that can't be done with any rope because the boa is also lighter in weight and more flexible than most ropes. Fred Goode found some at Dollar Tree and Jim Gerrish went right to work coming up with new ways to use them indoors and out. They can float, they can fly, they can shoot up to the sky, they can change their colors, disguise as flowers, and have new kinds of magic powers.



Magic Multi-Purpose Pouches
by Jim Gerrish

Truly a magic multi-purpose pouch for magicians! With a bit of cutting and pasting you can perform such tricks as:
1. Appearing Card
2. Card Forcer
3. Changing Card
4. Envelope Switch
5. Rope/Ribbon/Shoelace Switch
6. Miser’s Dream Pouch
7. Prediction Pouch
And that’s just for starters. Wait until you start getting ideas of your own to add to this versatile Do-It-Yourself Magic Pouch from the Dollar Store!



Crazy Ace Matrix
by Jim Gerrish

The magician places four coins on a close-up mat using the familiar Matrix pattern. Four aces are openly pulled from a deck and one ace is placed face-down on top of each coin. As expected, the coins travel from beneath the cards until all four coins have gathered under a single card in the corner. Unexpectedly, the cards are then turned face up and the three cards that concealed vanished coins are shown to be blank face cards. The last card, under which the coins gathered, is turned face-up to show my Crazy Ace pattern. A template is provided for printing out your own Crazy Ace card.



In and Outs of Plastic Cuffs
by Al-Quadir Marsh

The days of the old metal handcuffs are fast fading away. If you have to get restrained these days, it will be in plastic cuffs and so the modern escape artist, if he or she is keeping up with the times, needs to know how to not only get OUT of the cuffs, but also how to get back IN and look all innocent. Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki, author of Escapes For Teens is no longer a teen-ager, but he has still kept up his interest and ability to get out of tight spots, in the interests of entertainment, of course! Sources for the cuffs and the equipment you will need are listed in the e-Book.



21st Century Gemstones
by Jim Gerrish

The Jumping Gems and Hot Rod are combined in one routine, using the latest technology and a touch of magic. The spectator gets to remove a wooden stick from a pouch, make sure it is quite plain and ordinary, and then hands it to the magician. Then the magic starts to happen very similar to Ken Allen's Jumping Gems. A white gemstone appears on one side of the stick. Then on both sides. Then another gemstone appears on the opposite end of the stick. The two white gemstones apparently slide together on one end. Finally they change color and become a red ruby, before disappearing all together and leaving just an empty wooden stick which is again dropped into the spectator's hand. A second empty stick is removed from the pouch and in an instant, it is covered with six different color gem stones on both sides of the stick (Jim Zee's Hot Rod). The spectator calls out a number from one to six and that number selects one of the gemstones. Suddenly all the gemstones become the same color as the chosen one, on both sides of the stick. Just as suddenly, the gemstones all disappear and a second plain wooden stick is dropped into the spectator's hand.



Curly-Q Silk Tube
by Jim Gerrish

Also known as the "Ultra Silk Tube" this has been used as a production tube, change tube, and all-purpose switching tube but has never lived up to its full potential, kept down by those cookie-cutter magi who buy it and use it according to directions, rather than by applying the rich history of magical sleights and principles handed down by Ellis Stanyon, John Mulholland and others. If all you have been doing is opening it and closing it, without showing both sides, or without handing it to a helper from the audience to open and close, you have no idea of the potential of this clever trick for performing blow dyes, Mis-Made Flag, Dye-version, rope and ribbon effects and more. They are all explained in this e-Book.



by Jim Gerrish

New-Velope is a regular Dollar Store Security envelope that you convert to a "window" envelope and then use to make predictions, find missing playing cards, perform "confabulations", switch bills and billets and more. While you could use a plain white legal sized envelope for this, the security envelope provides a nice internal contrast for the prediction or other flat object that no other switching envelope provides, according to Jim's research. They are so easy and inexpensive to make, you'll want to make several and keep them for the many different magical effects they allow you to perform for different shows.



Peek-a-Boo Who?
by Jim Gerrish

The whole “Peek-a-Boo” craze started with card tricks in which chosen cards appeared, vanished, and then peeked out of various locations before finally appearing in some surprise location, as described by Professor Hoffmann in Modern Magic (1876). That was before magicians started performing for young children. Today's Peek-a-Boo magic tricks don't need playing cards and can be performed with a variety of cut-out characters. Our example we show you how to construct is a cartoon scarecrow that hides inside a cardboard barn and can't wait to pop up and scare someone. More ideas are given for a variety of props and characters that you can print out on your computer printer and make in just a few hours at the kitchen table.



New "In Their Hands" Three Pigs
by Jim Gerrish

This new principle for performing The Three Little Pigs allows you to hand the cards and houses over to a spectator to help you tell the story. The transformation of the practical little pig into the big bad wolf takes place in your hands, but the cards never leave the sight of the audience for a second. The same principles could be used to make your own story cards - Goldilocks and the Three Bears, The Cat In The Hat and his three Thing Helpers, Three Super Heroes Battle a Super Villain, and so on. The cards are all printed out on your computer, and instructions for building at least one of the open window houses, so you can see the final transformation happen right in front of you, are included. Note that the three pigs are not identical in appearance, so you can use more than three characters in your story (Seven Dwarfs, anyone?), or you can perform it with just two- the good character and the "big bad" character, if you wish (Spiderman and Magneto?). The choice is yours.



Attractive Cards
by Jim Gerrish

Gee, aren't they cute? But that's not why they are "Attractive Cards". A new principle in card magic makes it possible to perform, for example, a Six Rabbit Repeat using six very different (and named) rabbits, and ending up with lots and lots of baby bunny cards. Make the cards in playing card sizes, or super jumbo sizes. At the end, the remaining six cards, with babies that have suddenly appeared on the backs, are handed out to spectators to hold and count. It's not about just that one trick. The principle is used to make cards of any size appear, disappear, transform and as we saw in the above 3 Little Pigs (yes, that uses the same new principle), transpose. Since you print the cards out yourself, you can come up with tricks using any images you want.

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