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Predictable Box
by Jim Gerrish

Effect: A locked box containing a prediction, tied up with ribbons and given someone to guard long before the show begins, is brought to the stage along with the key that opens the box, which has been left with someone else to guard until this moment. A spectator is chosen to write down some headlines that spectators with electronic phones look up and call out at random. A spectator is chosen to open the box, remove the prediction and read it aloud to the audience. The ready-made Predictable Box costs $15 from Amazon, plus a little work and fixin' up. An optional whiteboard (or paper pad) is used to collect the events. The Predictable Box can be used for any type of prediction that can be written down on paper.



King of Clubs
by Jim Gerrish

King of Night Clubs, that is. This e-Book contains jumbo card material from my old nightclub act, and some of it is for adults only, so be forewarned. The cards can be made from existing jumbo cards, or you can print up special cards using the templates provided.



In Their Hands C&R Rope
by Robert Harbin, but revisited and brought up-to-date by Jim Gerrish

Effect: With clean hands (totally empty) you toss out a length of rope into the audience. Harbin used a full hank of rope, but any length will do. Ask the one who caught the rope to bring it back to the stage after checking it over, and ask him to bring a friend. The two helpers stretch out the rope between them as you stand behind the middle of the rope. You gather up the center of the rope, pulling it through your left hand to form a loop. You then have a rehearsal of how they are to pull the rope from your hands at the end.

Now you bring out a pair of scissors and hand them to a third helper. Once again you grab the center of the rope and pull it into a loop above your left fist. You ask the third helper to cut the rope in the center and step back so the audience can see a miracle. You have your original two helpers pull as hard as they can and the rope is suddenly fully restored and you stand there with empty hands raised in the "applause cue". You can give them the rope to think about how it was done as you collect the scissors and leave them in awe of your magic powers.



by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Effect: At first glance this is the Abbott's Canary Cats trick, inventor unknown, usually performed with five cards ( 4 cats and a canary). But that trick is a variation of the venerable Four Card Monte (also with an unknown inventor) and our Threesies version, performed with (obviously) three cards, is the invention of Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki. Each card can be shown on both sides, front and back. The canary vanishes from your hands and ends up in the spectator's hands. Once we got started on the Threesie's principle, we applied it to four completely different cards and also present you with Qua-Fiki's newest "in their hands" Three Little Pigs.



Haunted House
by Jim Gerrish

A variation on Canadian magician Bill Paul's 1953 "Fraidy Cat Rabbit" that you can make yourself on photo matte card stock using your computer printer and some real life cutting and pasting. Our Halloween Themed Ghost can easily be changed to any theme or character you want to use, for any season or occasion.



'Twas The Night Before Christmas
by Professor Spellbinder

I have always liked storytelling magic, because to me, stories ARE magic and the storyteller is a magician who can bring thoughts and images to life inside the listener. Like many who grew up hearing the Night Before Christmas told every year since early childhood, I have memorized the poem and I wanted a magical way to tell it WITH my audiences, allowing them to participate as much as their own memories permitted. Instead of making the poem appear in a book, I make only the 1902 W.W. Denslow illustrations magically appear on giant blank cards, as together we all say the words of the poem aloud. This is a quiet performance - not for those who like screaming - and it draws in the parents along with the children as they wait for each picture to appear.



MC Jumbo Card Tricks
by Jim Gerrish

Four quick and easy card tricks performed with jumbo or Super Jumbo cards. You make them yourself from an inexpensive pack of jumbo or super jumbo cards (sources given). I always like to grab a music stand from the orchestra and use it both as a table and a stand to display the cards, but suit yourself. Four different effects are given - short enough not to annoy the other performers you are about to announce, but long enough to allow them to get ready. Each effect has built in "applause cues". Best of all, they don't HAVE to be used as MC tricks, but each is strong enough to insert into your show, or reserve as an emergency effect if you need to replace a broken trick or expand your act by a few minutes. Includes Jolly Joker Spelling Trick, Cutting the Cards, Match me If You Can, and The World Famous Four Queen Trick.



by Jim Gerrish

Back from Oblivion, four tricks from our past history that didn't make the cut of time as ordinary magic tricks, get new life breathed into them with the addition of Hypnosis. Is it REAL or is it NOT REAL? Who cares? It SEEMS real and a little scary! Are those circles really moving?
Includes Hypno-Conflictus - based on Conflictus, a trick last seen in the 1970's - creator unknown.
Hypno- Blanko - based on U.F. Grant's Jumbo Blanko with a lot more Blankos.
Hypno-Spin - Based on Dr. Dailey's Last Trick with some cards that look like they are spinning out of control. Are those circles really moving?
and Hypno-Hallucination, based on Eddie Clever's 1934 Hallucination trick from Jinx #1, but made for Jumbo Cards.



Clown Phobia
by Jim Gerrish

The magician, who pretends to be afraid of clowns, calls up four or five helpers from the audience to help him perform a trick with "invisible handkerchiefs." The helpers make their invisible handkerchiefs visible, and each one is a different color. For a finale, all the handkerchiefs merge together into a picture of a clown, but by then, with the children's help, the performer has gotten over his "phobia" of clowns and turns into a clown himself, with the aid of a big red clown nose. A great way to deal with children who actually have a fear of clowns by allowing them to help you not be afraid. This makes a great companion trick to Clown Clones.



The Adventures of Chicken Little
by Jim Gerrish

Children of all ages know and enjoy the story of Chicken Little with it cast of characters with the funny rhyming names, Henny Penny, Ducky Wuckie, Goosey Lucy, and so on. It's a story for modern times as well, equating the "sky is falling" with "global warming" and running around in a panic before all the facts are known. This e-Book gives you many ways to tell the story- with picture cards, with a shadow-puppet show, with a Punch and Judy type hand puppet show, and with an audience dress-up participation skit.

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