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When Professor Spellbinder went on the disability list in February of 2015, all hopes of a planned lecture/workshop tour were dropped. Although he lost his voice and his travel is limited to his room and wheelchair, he still retains his ability to communicate via the computer, and still travels the world on the World Wide Web. So here now is the lecture/workshop he would have given... a Silent Lecture.

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In Your Face Slate of Mind
by Professor Spellbinder

This is UF Grant's Slate of Mind turned face up so all the cards are seen before one is finally chosen and shown to match the prediction that was written before the deck was even taken from the box.



by Professor Spellbinder

Another open and "in yer face" effect - a red silk, held at the top corners and shown on both sides in approved magicial "whip-whap" style, suddenly changes to blue (colors optional - your choice). Added bonus is Spellbinder's "Gone" silk, in which a small object is covered with a plain silk, shown on both sides. Suddenly the object vanishes and the silk now says "GONE!" on one side and "REAL GONE!" on the other.



by Professor Spellbinder

You can pronounce that "Foresee", or "Four-see", or "Force." It does all of that. It is a cubical box made of wood, hardboard or cardboard. It is handled by a spectator, who uses it to collect billets that name different playing cards written by the audience on small sheets of paper. Four spectators are chosen by the audience to participate in a clairvoyant "happening." Four playing cards are also randomly chosen from a deck and handed randomly to each of the four spectators. Then the spectators reach into the box and withdraw one single billet, each. The billet drawn names the card that was chosen - every time.



Christmas Sťance
by Professor Spellbinder

It all begins with Marley's Ghost appearing on a door knob tag. This is followed by visits from the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come. Chilling, spooky, and yet Christmassy!



Ribbon/Streamer C&R
by Professor Spellbinder

In a tribute to the late Count Artell, I add my variation of his Professional Ribbon Cut, using a rainbow streamer for additional flash appeal. In my version, I stand on the ends of the streamer using Count Artell's signature pose as shown in the photo. The center of the streamer is brought up by the wand as shown, and the wand is slid back and forth to show the streamer is one solid length of silk. Then the center is cut and here's where my variation comes in - I take the cut ends and spread them apart, showing that the streamer has been genuinely and fairly cut in two. Then with a snap of the wand, the streamer is restored to one solid piece again. Thanks for the memory, Count!



Elusive Elephants
by Professor Spellbinder

There are a variety of Vanishing Elephant Card Tricks going back to the 1950’s. What makes my Elusive Elephant Card Trick different is that all the cards are handled by helpers from the audience. The Elephant Card is placed between the Ringmaster and the Trapeze Artist (you can easily change the cards for any theme you please!) and a spectator squeezes them together under a Circus Tent Cloth.

The helper who is holding the three cards under the cloth brings them out one by one and while the cards are in her hands, the Elephant Card vanishes! It later reappears on someone's back. It's all in the handling, which is taught step-by-step in the e-Book.



EZ-PZ Lit Candle Production
by Professor Spellbinder

The appearance of a lit candle from the pocket or from under a handkerchief, or at the end of a fountain of silks always makes a spectacular finale. This easy-peasy method of accomplishing that wonder will make you wonder why you didn't try it before. As a bonus, make two (or more) EZ-PZ Candles and perform the flame through silk, or multiplying candles with ease and panache. They light, self-extinguish and relight all on their own. No electronics, or batteries, or matches, or resetting time. Just do it.



by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki & Professor Spellbinder

Qua-Fiki and I collaborated in developing a variation of the Ring, Watch & Wallet trick that is performed as a playlet with an audience helper taking the role of the robber. Qua-Fiki's version brings new life to this 1930 (at least!) effect of Oswald Rae. I mostly contributed research and history and wrote up Qua-Fiki's mean, clean routine.



Deepest Sympathy
by Professor Spellbinder

It started in 1913 with Herbert Milton's Sympathetic Clubs, and has gone through several variations through Nate Leipzeig, Derek Dingle, and others. Now Professor Spellbinder has his turn with a variation of the Sympathetic Cards, no longer limited to clubs, using hands-on spectator help and free choices, which not only arranges the cards in a sympathetic fashion, but also opens a combination lock held by a spectator. Instead of learning ONE way to perform sympathetic cards, you learn basic principles which allow you to perform sympathetic cards in a variety of different ways, with different outcomes, matching random events like serial numbers on borrowed banknotes, bingo ball lotteries, or finding a word on a dictionary page. The cards can be giant cards (as shown in the photo) or regular playing cards fresh out of the box. Everything is covered. If you can't find a method in this e-Book to perform this trick the way YOU want, you have my Deepest Sympathy.



Snake Shadow Illusion
by Professor Spellbinder

The original Snake in Basket trick was invented by Russell Swann about 1939. Since then, there are been several mechanical versions on the market, but none as simple and flat packing as the one described by Professor Spellbinder in this final offering from his "Silent Lecture." The audience is either terrified of the shadow of the snake as it slithers up and out of its basket, or laughing until the tears leak out of their eyes with the hilarious nonsense that follows the initial terror.

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