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Production Screens Revisited
by Jim Gerrish

Jim explores the history of production screens, from the earliest one by Doc Nixon (1920) to the one he saw on live TV in 1957 as invented by and presented by P.C. Sorcar of India, to the ones Jim re-invented and performed himself from the 1960's to the present, including his latest version which is the simplest of all and which can be broken down and carried in a car, set up in full view of the audience and performed solo if you wish.



O I C U ˝ E S P
by Jim Gerrish

Translated into English, the name means “Oh, I see you have (half) Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).” Translated into Magic, that means any spectator you encounter will demonstrate ESP powers beyond their wildest dreams with this special set of ESP cards that you can make yourself or buy from us. The spectator always wins. Also contains "improved" ideas from Corinda, Little Joe White, Ed Marlo, Ted Annemann and others. The gaffed cards take away the need for sleights.



Surprise Loading Table
by Jim Gerrish

This is a special table I first designed (1957) for holding loads for a Cups and Balls performance. Later I found other uses for it, in holding bundles of silks for loading into hats and tubes and boxes. The photo shows me using my table in 1958 (age 16), but it is covered with a drape. The e-Book will show you, for the first time, what it looks like beneath that drape.



Do-It-Yourself Busking Table
by Jim Gerrish

Busker: a person who performs entertainments in public places for donations.

When a busker needs a table, it needs to be light and transportable, easily set up and sturdy enough to stand up against wind and weather as well as bustling crowds of curious on-lookers. Most buskers aren't the wealthiest magicians, yet professional busking tables cost several hundred dollars. This is one you can buy for under $75 ready made (needing just a little work on your part), or make from scratch for under $25 if you have some basic woodworking skills and tools.



Paper Blendos
by Jim Gerrish

In 2006, when Spellbinder and I were working on his new version of the Lu Brent Growing Hat (see Wizards’ Journal #8) using Tyvek® paper, I began experimenting with using the no-tear paper for several other paper effects that I thought of as “Paper Blendos.” The great grand-daddy of this idea was the torn and restored newspaper. The Blendo concept is of separate items merging into one large conglomeration of all the items, but starting with a sheet of newspaper and tearing it into small pieces, then restoring them back to the full-sized newspaper is just a step away from the Paper Blendo. By 2008, other magicians began putting versions of Paper Blendo effects on the commercial magic market, such as Ton Onosaka's "Check It Out" and Danny Archer's Birthday Banner. My version has always been for the "Do It Yourself" magician, easy enough for Wiz Kids to make and perform, versatile enough to fit into any occasion or theme, and with a strong enough magic effect to want to include it in every magic performance when possible.



Finger Flinging Silk Routine
by Jim Gerrish

This is an almost pure sleight of hand silk routine that can be mastered easily since all the attention controls are built right in. Effect: A silk appears, then disappears, then reappears coming from your mouth. Next a fountain of four or five colorful silks blossoms from the center of the same silk. The routine ends with a very open handed color changing handkerchief. You can also end with the Push-Me-Pull-You Silk to Flowers Cage (see below) or any of its variations.



Push-Me-Pull-You Silk To Flowers Cage
by Jim Gerrish

Effect: Several differently colored silks are dropped into the open-top cage. The cage is picked up from the table and suddenly the silks visibly transform into realistic spring flowers, which are then dumped out, showing the cage completely empty. You can also use the cage to turn the silks into multicolored sponge balls, or to merge them into a large (36") multi-colored silk like a Blendo.



Bouncy Ball Bag
by Jim Gerrish

Effect: The Magician removes a flat, folded paper lunch bag from his pocket, opens it up and shows it empty. In a few moments, something heavy “arrives” in the bag. Out rolls a red ball (color optional, but I like red). The ball is dropped back into the bag and a helper is asked to remove it, but the ball has disappeared. The magician takes the bag and the red ball rolls out into his hand. He puts it back in the bag for the helper, but this time the helper pulls a blue ball from the bag. The next time the ball is green. The next time he holds out his hand, a whole bunch of balls (all different colors) pour out and the ones that he misses bounce all over the stage.



Zippy Color Sponge Ball Routine
by Qua-Fiki

Effect: A Zipper Bracelet is around your wrist. You remove it, unzip it, and take from it a yellow sponge ball. A spectator holds the bracelet with the yellow sponge ball gripped between its “teeth” and the sponge ball changes from yellow to red. Then another yellow sponge ball appears inside the zipper “purse.” Now you can do some two ball tricks with the yellow and red balls, and end up with eight or more red and yellow sponge balls appearing in the spectator’s hand. Qua-Fiki introduces his new Open Palm Change-Over move in this one!



How to Build a Variation of
Julian Mather's Big Red Box of Magic

The concept is Julian Mather's*, but the design is by Jim Gerrish and can be made on a week-end using easily available parts and Jim's favorite building materials (hardboard and duct tape, or in this case, gaffer's tape) for under $50.00. The e-Book shows you how.

A recent addition to the e-Book is Jim's "Little Red Box Of Magic" that is eventually given away as a gift to the birthday child (or a contest winner, etc.).

* Julian Mather, Australian Magician and author of the on-line experience called Build Your Magic Show: and . The name Big Red Box of Magic is used by his permission.



Misers and Their Dreams
by Jim Gerrish

Jim explores the history of today's Miser's Dream, starting with Hoffmann's Shower of Coins and up to the present day, where everyone sticks a hand in a pail to produce a bunch of coins. But what if you didn't have to stick your hand in a pail to do the same thing? What if you handed the pail to a helper to hold as you filled it with noisy coins? What if you used a glass jar instead of a metal pail and could see the coins fall into it, as well as hear them? See where Jim's Dreams takes him (and knowing Miser Jim, it won't be expensive!).

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