The Wizards' Qua-Fiki's Journal #23
Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki is celebrating his 17th Birthday by taking over this entire issue.
All 11 individual articles are finished - the collection will be completed soon.

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Qua-Fiki's Matrix-Mix

Borrowing on ideas from Al Schneider, inventor of Matrix, Ton Onosaka, inventor of Bicycles built for Five, and Shawn Farquhar who first merged the two ideas together, Qua-Fiki adds his own penchant for simplification and offers a variety of new themes and variations on themes to mix Matrix with his Bicycles Built for Four, Vanishing Elephants, and much more. It's all part of his Matrix-Mix. See the Video HERE.



Qua-Fiki's Mesh ID Bag

The use of a Jack Chanin style "Mesh Egg Bag" as a way to make an "Invisible Deck" appear is not new. What is new is that Qua-Fiki's bag has no black back, and can be seen completely through (like another of his inventions called "See Thru Change Bag" in The Wizards' Journal #22). This bag could be used for an egg bag as well, but Qua-Fiki combines it with his Ungimmicked Invisible Deck that can be handled by the spectator and decided not to waste it on eggs. He shows you how to sew his new design from a Dollar Store Mesh Laundry Bag, and how to make his new Invisible Deck from a pack of Dollar Store playing cards. Wow! This trick could set you back two bucks! See the Video HERE.



Qua-Fiki's Wild Reindeer Games

One of Qua-Fiki's favorite card effects has been Wild Card. But he started to wonder why you had to always change eight cards of one type into eight cards of another type, all the same. What if you wanted to end up with... for example, Santa's eight tiny reindeer... plus Rudolph, with all their different names showing on each of the nine cards. Well, guess what? You can! And Qua-Fiki can show you how in this e-Book. See the Video HERE.



Qua-Fiki's "In THEIR Hands Dye-Version"

All the other versions of Duke Stern's Dye-Version, including the original, take place in the magician's hands. This one take place in the hands of helpers from the audience.

Effect: Three helpers form paper tubes and stuff different colored handkerchiefs (silks) into them as I demonstrate with a fourth tube and silk handkerchief. All the tubes are now put into the hands of the spectators when I take my magic "tweezers" and make the handkerchiefs vanish from three of the tubes. The fourth tube still has its handkerchief, and the helper holding it uses the tweezers to pull some of the silk out of each end of the tube. The big surprise is when two other helpers continue pulling the silk from the tube and it turns out to be a long silk streamer with all of the colors of the rainbow. This makes a great "photo opportunity" ending for any show.



Qua-Fiki's Magi-Tronic Thought Plucker

As performed by Qua-Fiki, this is Comedy Mental Magic, but in the hands of an experienced Mentalist, this could be very thought provoking. It is also Qua-Fiki's first venture into Magi-tronics - the use of electronics in magic. No soldering is required, but you need to buy electronic parts and assemble them according to Qua-Fiki's directions. The cost for parts is between $60 at the low end, and $120 at the high end (if you need to buy everything from scratch). See the Video HERE.



Qua-Fiki's Brooms of Doom

Qua-Fiki is tied to four brooms with 100 feet of clothesline and doomed to sweep the floor until he makes his escape. It looks difficult, but is actually very easy. A new twist on the 100 foot of rope escape which Qua-Fiki covered in his "Escapes For Teens" e-Book on Single Rope Escapes.



Qua-Fiki's 2010 Snakey
(The Living Rope)

Qua-Fiki invented this in 2010 and spent two years working on different ways to have fun with a "living rope" named Snakey. Currently he ends his Professor's Nightmare routine by bringing the short rope to life, but you can also bring life to rope bits from a cut and restored rope, ribbons, strings, rubber bands and other squiggly wiggly objects.



McFiki's Jumbo Aces

Based on Jon W. "One-arm Mac" McDonald's $100 Ace trick from the 1950's, Qua-Fiki's version, inspired by John Guastaferro's Famous Aces has JUMBO aces vanishing and reappearing right from and to the hands of the spectators holding the cards. The routine can be performed as a stand-up stage or platform effect using no table, or using just one table or music stand to initially hold the cards until you load up the hands of the spectators.



Small Medium at Large

The title is based on an old, old joke, and the effect is based on a 1998 Ali Bongo effect called "The Happy Medium," but with substantial changes made to turn it into a routine for children.

Qua-Fiki's Version: A child is selected who seems to have the "inner eyes" to see the unseeable. To test her powers as a small Medium, Qua-Fiki has members of the audience shuffle a special deck of picture cards that has various familiar toys pictured on the card faces. The Medium then has a large gift bag placed over her head and upper body so she really can't see a thing. But somehow, she mystically can still see the toys and each time a toy card is pushed out of the card box by a spectator, she announces the name of the toy. She even knows what toy card will be selected before it is pushed out of the box.



Halloween Punch Recipe Book
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki and Professor Spellbinder

Qua-Fiki was never going to get this collection completed before Christmas at the rate he was going. A teen-ager's time is precious and filled with more than just churning out magic e-Books. So when Spellbinder came home with an Oriental Trading Company catalog filled with Halloween ideas, Qua-Fiki got excited again and decided to collaborate on finishing up an idea he had started for his Magic Storybook collection to combine it with Spellbinder's ideas for Halloween magic. This is the result. A blank book filled with solid black pages begins filling itself in by magic, and page by page. First a cover appears on it. Then a table of contents. The audience gets to choose which delicious recipe for Witches Brew to follow, and then the instructions appear page by page. Magic includes the multiplying eyeballs, creeping spiders, wiggling snakes and newts and many more surprises until the whole bowl of punch vanishes without a trace as the Witches come for their brew.



Bingo / Lottery Ball Forces
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki and Professor Spellbinder

Once again, Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki collaborates with Professor Spellbinder as they each release a solution to a Bingo Ball / Lottery Ball series of forces. Spellbinder reveals his wire bingo cage method, and Qua-Fiki makes it easier and simpler by performing the same effect with a transparent plastic bag that you make yourself. This bag (or cage) can force a series of numbered wooden balls, delivering them to be "freely" chosen in any order you determine. You can even have a spectator reach into either the cage or the bag to select one of the balls by hand. Not intended for con artists or cheats, shame on them all! For entertainment purposes only!

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