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Signed, Sealed and Delivered
by Professor Spellbinder

The original idea came from Karrell Fox's, “Thot-Dot” from his book Another Book. I have only put some Wizard touches on it and brought it out again so as not to lose the baby in a sea of bath water. You ask the audience if they have ever heard the expression “Signed, Sealed and Delivered.” You then give them a demonstration of that, in which a mentally chosen card is "Signed, Sealed, and Delivered" to the person who is only thinking of one of the 52 cards in the deck.



Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!
by Wiz Kid Wilhelmina

You may be of the opinion that the world does not need another Mismade Flag Trick, but you haven't yet seen Wiz Kid Wilhelmina's original twists put to the old effect. For one thing, she does not use a change bag ... that would be too easy. She doesn't use a dye tube you have ever seen before, either. Instead, she rolls up a piece of clear cellophane about the size of a number 10 envelope... yes, you can see right through it at all times... and time after time makes the silks transform from one flag to the next without giving you a clue as to how it is done. She doesn't "accidentally" drop the blue silk on the floor, either. Instead she empowers a little helper to hilariously "kidnap" the blue silk again and again without even knowing how he is doing it. Professionals will USE this; all others need not apply.



Flowers That Bloom With a Spring!
by Professor Spellbinder

This e-Book continues where Flower Power left off, but is focused on how to make your own realistic spring flowers in a variety of styles... and what to do with them afterwards. In this e-Book I describe some other spring flowers that can be made, according to type of flower. I also provide more uses for the realistic spring flowers and include instructions for how to make your own production corsage boxes, some interesting history lessons on spring flowers you may have missed, and other things of interest to those who like to add the beauty of flowers into their magic acts.



The Babushka of Baba Yaga
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Combined with the Sefalaljia magic of Stewart James, Paul Curry, Elizabeth Warlock, Jim Gerrish and Professor Spellbinder (and probably others as well), Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki weaves a tale of the magic Babushka headscarf that is filled with the spirit of the Russian witch and fortune teller, Baba Yaga. OK, so the truth is, he has turned Sefalaljia into a tablehopping routine that uses a simple men's handkerchief (the Babushka) to perform a complete ten minute (or so) show at each stop. He came up with a new examinable variation of the "Haunted Hank", adds a "Haunted Spoon," Knotted Rope, Linking Ropes, Finger Ring and Rope, and ends with the ring vanishing and reappearing inside a set of nested Babushka Dolls.



No-Palm Signed Card to Card Box
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

"Necessity is the mother of invention." Or so Plato was supposed to have said and many others have agreed since then. Qua-Fiki was getting ready for a table-hopping gig in the Poconos this summer and discovered that his hands are currently too small to palm playing cards effectively in a close up environment. His solution will surprise you and it seems to be brand new, so chalk up another invention to Qua-Fiki. He explains how he will use it in his "Ambitious Card" routine, so that the spectator's signed card vanishes from the deck and ends up back in the card box with no need for palming. Even if you have large hands, but want to avoid palming a card to get it from one location to another for whatever reason, you may be able to use Qua-Fiki's solution.



Ace Chaser
by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

Ace Chaser is Qua-Fiki's variation of "Chase the Ace," usually attributed to Ken Brooke but actually invented by Eddy Taytelbaum in the late 1940's under the name "Find the Ace." No matter. A lot of magicians have contributed to it since then, including Ken Brooke of England, Jim Gerrish, Joe Monti, and now Qua-Fiki is taking it to new heights. Suffice it to say that Qua-Fiki can show all three cards, faces and backs, quite openly and in his hands - seemingly "gaffless." So can you by printing out and constructing the jumbo cards following Qua-Fiki's directions. You can also include Qua-Fiki's variation of Paul Harris' "Twilight Angel" on the back of the jumbo Ace of Hearts if you wish. It's all described in the e-Book.



ABC Stung Revisited
by Professor Spellbinder

This trick, and many others like it, are based on “A Sucker Card Gag” invented by 1931 by Mr. Lynn Searles and first published by him using a single “Stung!” card in Sphinx (Mar 1932). There have been many variations on the original idea over the years. What differs in most of these variations, is the method by which the “Vanish” card is replaced by the “Stung” card, as well as the way in which the “Vanish” card reappears at the end.

My version makes it possible for all the cards to be handled by helpers from the audience. Most innocent of all, I use a manila envelope with a large window cut in the center, allowing the audience a clear view right through the envelope.Finally, I offer a method of making the vanished "B" card reappear on the back of a helper, although you can have it appear on your own back if you prefer. The templates and directions for making everything are included in the e-Book. Also includes, as a bonus, a pocket version of the trick that you can perform anywhere.



The Most Amazing Card Trick
by Professor Spellbinder

A spectator selects a card trick from a book of "Amazing Card Tricks ANYONE Can Do" and proceeds to read the directions while the performer simply follows along. The specially printed 64 page 6"x9" paperback book is available from and costs an additional $10.00 plus postage. The printed book does NOT tell you how to do "The Most Amazing Card Trick." For that, you will need this e-Book, so don't worry; laymen can't buy the printed book from Lulu and learn the secret. If anything, the printed book will confuse them even more. But with the aid of this e-Book and the printed book, you will be able to perform a comedy Torn and Restored Card Trick, the likes of which you've never seen before. LOL!

Purchase the printed book from



Mismade Jack
by Professor Spellbinder and Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki

More than just a mismade flag variation, this is a complete routine. It begins with a black cloth bag for your Harbin-style folding table (plans included). After setting up the table, you turn the black bag inside out and back again. A D'Lite routine here is optional, but nice. Then some candy treats can appear in the bag. Next you discover three silks, green, orange and black. Stuffing them back inside the bag, they change to a large silk with a plain pumpkin on it. Back in the bag it goes and next time comes out with a jumbled up face on it- the Mismade Jack! Back in the bag it goes, but this time the entire bag is given a shake and it transforms into a large (30 x 30 inch) Jack O'Lantern silk. But there's still more! A real pumpkin appears and floats around under and around the silk. Then the Jack O'Lantern Silk becomes a huge banner that reads: "TRICK OR TREAT!" Templates and instructions are given for painting your own Jack O'Lantern silks. Qua-Fiki also shares optional ideas for making a pumpkin appear and float around and under the giant Jack O'Lantern silk, as well as for the D'Lite routine that he is currently working on.



Ghost Card
by Professor Spellbinder

It's not just another Four Card Monte. It's a Four Card Monte with a couple of twists and a complete routine for Halloween (or any time of the year if you change the theme a bit). Three haunted house cards are shown. Suddenly a fourth card appears, with a ghost on it. The ghost is a happy little fellow that wants to play a Halloween game with the children, so naturally he plays the game at which he excells - Hide and Seek. He cheats a little by turning invisible. When he reappears he is put in a jail cell, but that doesn't hold him for long. Then he flies off his card and can reappear in the strangest places... and does! Next he really vanishes and finally is found hiding on the back of your costumed helper from the audience.



Fellowship of the Ring
by Professor Spellbinder

Just in time for the holidays! A ring is borrowed and the owner threads it on a green ribbon, and then threads the ends of the ribbon through a cardboard (or wood) gift box that has holes in the right and left sides. The box is left in the hands of the ring’s owner. A second spectator is chosen to "join the fellowship of the ring" and has a red ribbon wrapped around her waist and the ends are likewise threaded through holes in the side of a second gift box of cardboard or wood. Two more spectators join in the fellowship on stage and help perform a "ritual sacrifice" by pulling the red ribbon through the body of spectator number two. This apparently causes the ring to transport itself through space and time from the owner's gift box into the gift box of spectator number two, where it is found dangling from the center of the red ribbon. OR, you can just make up a story about Santa Claus and elf magic to explain how the ring gets from one ribbon and gift box to the other... instantaneously and under the watchful eyes of the ring's four guardians!

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