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Tidings of Comfort and Joy
From all of us at The Magic Nook



Pegasus Redeemed
By Professor Spellbinder

This is a variation of Arthur Emerson's 1983 invention, Pegasus Page. While the original was never intended to be a mental effect, mentalists adopted it as one. My version attempts to complete the transformation of a simple magic trick into a mentalist's dream come true, and a demonstration of true psychic teleportation- bit by bit and molecule by molecule.



Santa's Bag Illusion
By Jim Gerrish

What is Santa's Bag but a fluffy cloth version of the Million Dollar Mystery? Can't afford one of those? Jim Gerrish shows you how to put one on any stage for under $100. Use it to produce toys galore, a Christmas Tree and Santa himself.



Santa's Toy Workshop
From Jim Gerrish & The Wiz Kids

You borrow a cap, necktie, wristwatch, or other article of clothing from someone in the audience and test a Magic Gift Box that is supposed to duplicate whatever is put into it... but instead it makes the object disappear. Never mind. Elmer the mischievous Elf is on hand to help you show the boys and girls how Toys are made at Santa's Workshop. Elmer wants to show us his toy conveyor belt that churns out toy after toy automatically. Suddenly the article of borrowed clothing appears on a toy bear, then on a dolly, or hanging from a giraffe's mouth. You never seem to see it, but the kids surely do!



Jack In The Box Illusion
By Jim Gerrish

This requires a stage and several assistants (at least four) to do it justice, however, it is possible to perform with three assistants.

A tiny Jack in the Box expands visibly and after a production is made from the expanded box, a live Jack in the Box Clown jumps out.



Passé Turvey Christmas Trees
By Professor Spellbinder

This effect makes use of some home-made Christmas Trees, so I suppose it is rather limited to the Christmas season. The trees are cones of construction paper, decorated with bits of material cut from Christmas decorative garlands, plus some sparkly stars and whatever else you want to use.

So easy that even a child can make the props and perform the trick. I think I was eight years old at the time. Not a Christmas season passes by without my making up a new one and performing it all over again. I'm getting rather good with all this practice.



Elemental Science
By Professor Spellbinder

Based on an idea proposed by Dr. Steve Murray (docsteve at The Magic Café)

Four people are asked to select one of the four elements, earth, air, fire, water. As each chooses, he or she writes down the choice on the front of a sealed envelope. Each also writes a random number from 1 to 1000, and a date from among the past ten years. On opening each envelope it is discovered that each envelope contains a newspaper clipping from the chosen date, and that each element represents a natural disaster; earthquake, hurricane, wildfire, flood. In each disaster, the news story states the number of people killed- the same number chosen by each spectator.



Betsy Wetsy Dolly
From Jim Gerrish & The Wiz Kids

Your worst nightmare in a Christmas Gift, the Betsy Wetsy Dolly, that like the magic broom in the story of the Sorcerer's Apprentice never quits and may drown us all before she mercifully vanishes. Hilarious for kids and adults alike.



The Nutcracker Sentry Box
From Jim Gerrish & The Wiz Kids

Based on an idea by Louis Histed as a variation on his own Square Circle plus a second idea by Histed on a deceptive method of adding additional loads, we add the element of Christmas and the story of the Nutcracker and merge them into something new and seasonal as well.



Silent Partner
Puppet Magic for Non-Ventriloquists
By Professor Spellbinder

For those who have always wanted to be ventriloquist/magicians but never could keep their lips from moving, here are some routines for magic puppets that don’t speak... and don't need to!
Chapter 1 - Rudy Reindeer's Misery Christmas



Silks to Christmas Tree Mystery
By Professor Spellbinder

This effect was inspired by Devlin’s Silk Mystery, published long ago in Abracadabra, but also found in The Rice Encyclopedia of Silk Magic, Volume 1.
Major differences: Devlin's effect used a spider graphic- good for Halloween and Spooky Theme uses; I offer a Christmas Tree, plus ideas for other seasonal and non-seasonal uses. Devlin's effect used an opaque cylinder to vanish the silks. I use a transparent plastic cylinder in which the six (or more) silks are inserted and can be seen right up to the last moment- then they all visibly vanish from the cylinder at once. Devlin's effect required the use of an assistant. My version shows you how to perform the effect solo.



Merry Christmas Carousel
By Professor Spellbinder

This doesn't have to be used just at Christmas, but will fit any theme where a Carousel or Merry-Go-Round is appropriate. Or disguise it as a Roulette Wheel or a Wheel of Fortune at a carnival. Unlike most of them, this one is rigged in favor of the spectator, who just can't seem to lose.

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