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The 2007 Vanishing Radio
By Professor Spellbinder

This past summer I got into a discussion on one of the forums about how no real improvements in the Vanishing Radio effect have come from those making the props for commercial sales. The Vanishing Radios being produced don’t really reflect the modern radios that are available in stores. So I had someone go out and buy me a cheap, portable (but real!) radio and here is my 2007 version of the Vanishing Radio.



Cauldron Capers
By Eleazar Goodenough

I found some tiny cauldrons in the Dollar Store and got some of the Wiz Kids to brainstorm with me and come up with a bunch of uses for them just in time for Halloween. Some you can make and use right away, but others you'd better just work on for next Halloween. As a bonus, we came up with some ideas for the larger sized plastic cauldrons as well.



Magic with Themed Party Goods
By Professor Spellbinder

My magical family returned from the Party Supply store with all the stuff needed for a forthcoming Halloween Party. They had paper cups, paper plates, napkins, and tablecloths all following the same theme. We immediately began brainstorming how to turn them all into magic effects, not only good for the Halloween theme, but with any party theme- Spiderman®, Sponge Bob®, Barbie®, Dora®... you name it, you got it!



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of the Magic Nook

Monster Monte
By Magicbob

This effect was inspired by the classic packet trick, “Color Monte.” If you don’t own that gem then stop reading, drive to your local magic store, and buy it now! (To order on-line, click HERE) It is considered by many to be the best packet trick of all time.

Although Monster Monte uses some of the same sleights, I’ve added a totally new “ambitious vampire” phase and made improvements to the handling, eliminating the most awkward “Color Monte” move entirely. Additionally, I’ve done away with the gambling motif and turned this perennial favorite into a kid-friendly effect that’s especially suitable for the Halloween season.



By Jim Gerrish

This is a stupidly simple device, like all the best magic gimmicks. I have been using it in shows since 1979, and since I haven’t found anything better for making a non-electric bang, flash, puff of smoke, and/or fire in all this time, I have decided to release it to the magic community before I get too old to remember how to make it or the parts become impossible to find.
Pyrotechnic devices are recommended for adults only!

That's all the explanation you're going to get! Take it or leave it! - Jim Gerrish


Revisiting the Pom Pom Pole
By Professor Spellbinder

In the U.K., the forerunner of this ancient trick/puzzle was called “Rod and Beads,” but in the USA, it was known as “The Devil Wand.” Many young magicians think Ali Bongo was the inventor, but all he did was put together a routine for it that made it a staple of today's Kid Magic Props. Where did it come from? Where is it going? The Professor reveals all.



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of the Magic Nook

Mummy Mischief
by Magicbob

Five mummy cards are shown and one is set aside. One by one, the sarcophagus lids are magically closed to prevent the remaining mummies from escaping. The cards are shown again. The mummies have all escaped! Only a small heap of bandages remains in the bottom of each sarcophagus.

The card that was set aside is turned over to reveal that all the mummies are now enjoying a relaxing dip in a hot tub!

Great for Halloween or any time of year! The mummies don’t have to be portrayed as “monsters.” This effect could be presented using an Egyptian/archeology theme.



The Inexhaustible Jack O'Lantern
by Professor Spellbinder

About 1877, Hartz conceived the idea of taking a standard magic effect of the time, the Inexhaustible Hat, and “enormously increase the quantity of the articles, produced; and secondly, to produce them under more difficult conditions ? namely, on a stage so bare that it afforded apparently no cover for even the smallest object.”—Hoffmann. The result was Hartz’s Devil of a Hat, for which he became world famous and implanted the idea of a magician producing everything imaginable from a top hat firmly in the minds of the theater going public.
Here's my modern variation taking the idea further than Hartz ever dreamed possible.

For Experienced magicians only!



Devil’s Compact
By Professor Spellbinder

“Magic Mirror in my hand,
Who is the fairest in the land?”

Well, all right, we had to change the fairytale spell a bit to adjust for a mirror held in the hand and not hanging from a wall. This is an effect designed for a woman magician to perform with an ordinary looking compact mirror that seems to have the gift of far-seeing and/or prophecy.



Flower Power
By Professor Spellbinder

You should always strive to use genuine flowers in live performances. People really CAN tell the difference and when they discover that you are doing magic with genuine live flowers, they will have more respect for you as a magician. This article shows you how you can replace your old feather dusters and tissue paper spring flowers with real flowers in everything from Botanias to Production bouquets.



Balloon Levitation
By Professor Spellbinder

It seems a little strange that I should try to levitate a balloon, but actually, the effect is that a small boy or girl is levitated through the process of handing him helium balloons, one by one. When he is holding one helium balloon too many, off he goes and you have to keep pulling him back to earth. Finally, you snip away one or two balloons and send the child on his way, safely earthbound.

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