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It's too late for this year (2007) but never too late to get ready for next year (February 24, 2008)! This Mental Magic effect lets you predict the Golden Guy winners in your Audience Choice awards for Best Movie, Best Actor and Best Actress. Add Oscar to your show and roll out the red carpet! The envelope, please!



Clear Clipboard Prediction

The basic effect is clearly not new. What IS new is the method for accomplishing it in a way that only requires inexpensive supplies from your local Staples or Office Depot (or use my on-line suggested sources).
The effect is based on a routine called “Clearly Mental” by Tony Spina and others, the roots of which go back to Aldini’s “Improved Slate of Mind” and various other reincarnations including Jim Gerrish’s “Off and Running.” How it plays out using my method is as described (click INFO).




From Fred Goode: A routine of fork bending for the restaurant worker, table hopper, or close-up performer. Show your audience that Uri can't hold a candle to you, when you not only bend a fork, but cause it to roll up into a ball.



Telematic Prediction Box Revisited

In Al Mann's Pandora's Box manuscript, he writes of a Telematic Prediction box put out by a Dr. "B" in 1958. I found flaws with the original box and worked them out in this variation. The article also describes how to make a special mentalists' gimmick and other uses for it.




From Jim Gerrish & The Wiz Kids: It could be presented as another prediction effect, but you probably already have plenty of those. Instead, try Jim Gerrish's version of "thought control," where you apparently take over the brains of several spectators or even the entire audience and make them do things in spite of themselves!



Stephen Christopher's
Multiplying Bubbles

Here is an idea from Stephen Christopher for a quick and easy solution for those who want to perform a multiplying bubble routine. For beginners, I've added instructions from Jean Hugard's Magic Monthly on how to do a basic multiplying billiard ball routine with bubbles or any other type of ball. For seasoned pros, I've added Hugard's shelless production of four balls and my own bunch of tips and ideas.



Water Witching Cards

This routine from Professor Spellbinder will teach you (and your audience) about dowsing or "water witching." The spectators will freely select playing cards and hide them randomly in a deck. Then, as they imagine their cards floating in a stream of running water, you, as the water witch, successfully locate the cards with your trusty water witching wand.



Voodoo Hoodoo

The Shaman (that’s you!) gives a demonstration of Voodoo using a little homemade voodoo doll and a large hatpin. A spectator takes on the role of the high priestess of magic and gives you a wound to remember her by. Bonus Effect: Hatpin Prediction.



Mystic Mosaic

Professor Spellbinder reaches into his bag of memories and brings forth this long forgotten routine that adds mosaic tile casting to the seance proceedings. Colorful ceramic and stainless glass tiles are scattered about on a circular or square tray or table. A pattern is thought of by those in the seance circle and the tiles mysteriously form themselves solidly into a mosaic with the chosen pattern featured. The pattern can then enter further into the seance in a variety of ways covered by the article.



Single Slate Sťance

The art of using but a single ungimmicked slate for spirit writing at the Sťance table is explored by Professor Spellbinder. He gives the historic roots of the method as used by P.T. Selbit and others, along with routines they published for non-sťance magic from the early 1900's. Then he brings the effect up to date with colored chalks and sends it back to the earliest days of magic by conjuring up a spirit guide with it.



Parallel Universe (the Stage Version)
By Professor Spellbinder

Jim Gerrish is working on Parallel Universe, the PVC Pipe and Duct Tape Grand Illusion, but he recommends starting out the Grand Illusion by setting up the theme with my smaller “stage magic” version. So I guess I’d better publish my small version first! Here it is, ready for a bizarre, Wizard, or "mad scientist" presentation.

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