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Rune Magik
by Jim Gerrish

This can be a magical history lesson for school shows, or it can be just magic for the sake of magic.

Much of what we know about Vikings and the voyages of discovery by Leif Erikson, come from their records written in Runes. The word Rune can mean “mystery” or “secret” in old Germanic languages, since Runes were often associated with and had an important role in rituals and magic or "magik".

Make or buy your own Rune Stones, Rune Sticks, Rune Balls, Rune Cards, Rune Dice, Rune Discs and Rune Jewelry to use when you perform Rune Magik. Use Rune Magik to see the future, find lost or hidden objects, "heal" broken or torn objects, bewitch a friend and more.

List of Rune Tricks Included

Matching Runes

Hide and Seek Rune Stones

With Multiple Spectators

Skip Around

Sightless Vision

English to Runic 

Healing by Rune Magik

Torn & Restored Dollar

Dropsy - Loose Rune Beads

Up to 12 Spectators At Once

Rune Pendulum

Metal Coin to Wooden Rune Disc

Rune Dice Magik

Rune "Readings"

Rune Stick Paddles

Rolly-Pollie Rune Paddles

Burning Rune Sticks

Rune Name Burnings

Rune Playing Cards


Collection of Rune Jokes for Patter


Rune Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Affinity

Angel of Forgetfulness

A word to the wise:

Instructions given for making your own rune objects, or sources for buying them.



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