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Mount Rushmore Magic
Plus Patriotic Magic
by Jim Gerrish

This can be a magical history lesson for school shows, or for performing at election rallies or any patriotic events. Or it can be just magic for the sake of magic. You pick, you choose. Pick 4 helpers who can name one of the four presidents appearing on Mt. Rushmore. Each helper produces magic in his or her hand to prove that the president they chose also chose them.

More Patriotic Magic: Mis-made flags of the World including the Canadian Flag, the UK Flag, and of course, the American Flag with some new twists. Print out the flags used on your computer printer.

Snippity-Snap! Someone secretly selects any one of the 46 past presidents, and your scissors reveal who he is thinking of on a plain white sheet of paper - no ink.

One Line Art: Drawing just one line on a sheet of plain white paper to make a freely chosen animal quickly and visually appear on your paper - using ink, crayon or pencil.



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