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NEW Rattle Box
by Jim Gerrish

Many Magicians of today are still using the exact same Rattle Box (upper left) as described by Professor Hoffman in his 1876 book “Modern Magic,”and it was considered very old back then! We decided it's time for a NEW Rattle Box (upper right) that actually looks like a real box, opens like a real box, closes like a real box, and which can be handled by a spectator to make a coin or ring vanish completely. You make it yourself from wood, or buy an inexpensive craft wood box from any source (Dollar Store!) and easily convert it to make Jim's NEW Rattle Box!

Then, if you decide to make the coin or ring come back, use one of Jim's OTHER coin tricks like his Smucker's Goober Coin-Card Routine, or the Coin to Sealed Candy Bag, etc.



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