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Al Mann's Glass Box Revisited
by Jim Gerrish

Al Mann's Glass Box Prediction has been around since the 1950's. During that time, things have changed, such as the absence of many paper printed newspapers (today you look on your phone for the headline news!) and materials used to make transparent plastic boxes, and so on.

I have also added additional predictions that can be made so that every spectator who picks a slip of paper from the box is shocked by a prediction of an event that happened AFTER he chose the paper and before he opened it.

The Glass Box you buy or make yourself is loaded up with various different color note pad papers. You write down your predictions and fold them up while you are in the presence of the chairman of some committee who has agreed to guard the container and its contents and bring it with him to the planned performance. He also signs and dates the back of each different color slip of paper. In his presence the glass box can be sealed with packing tape or sealing wax, etc.

On starting your show, you introduce the guardian who has the Glass Box with him, still sealed. You can have him put the box on display where everyone can see it while you do some mentalism effects, etc. When you are ready to begin the Glass Box Prediction, you have the guardian break the seals and verify that everything is as it was when you first loaded up the box in his presense, days or weeks ago. You never go near the glass box all this time. Instead you show various props you will use on which you will attempt to demonstrate your powers of prediction - a deck of playing cards, some dice, and a spinning color wheel, all of which you can buy inexpensively or make yourself following my directions.

First, a spectator who selected a card from a shuffled deck of cards and sealed it unseen by all, including himself, in an envelope gets to pick a slip of paper from the Glass box. The paper reveals the name of the card in the envelope which no one has seen until the spectator opens the envelope that has been in his hands since he sealed the card inside.

Second, a spectator chooses a slip of paper from the glass box, and then rolls a die to choose a random number. The paper reveals the number that will result when the die is rolled. The die can be thoroughly examined and rolled again and a again to prove it is honest.

Third, a spectator removes a slip of paper from the glass box and uses a revolving wheel with colors on it to randomly select one of the colors. The paper reveals that the color was known weeks ago when the paper was sealed in the Glass box with all the other predictions so far.

Fourth, someone lends a dollar bill to the mentalist after removing a slip of paper from the Glass Box. Someone else takes the borrowed dollar bill and begins to read the serial number on the bill, alternating with the owner of the bill reading the exact same numbers and letters written on the slip from the box.

Finally, the last prediction is removed from the Glass Box. It contains a prediction of a current headline of an event that just took place or which is currently happening on the news called up on someone's phone to make a great grand finale.

Remember, all of those predictions were sealed inside the transparent box and dated weeks before the performance as verified by the chairman! You can give the signed slips of paper to the spectators who participated in the performance. They will talk about this for a long time afterwards!



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