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Coin-Card Routines
by Jim Gerrish

Matrix is only one example of combining coin magic with card magic. Here's a do-it-yourself version of the old "No-Way Coin Trick" combined with Shrinking Cards. You can make all the props yourself and no one will recognize what you have done to the old versions of these classic tricks. It will all look brand new again.

You begin having someone open a fresh box of playing cards. While that person is shuffling the cards, you borrow a quarter from someone. You hand the owner of the quarter a sharpie pen to put his or her initial(s) on the face of the quarter so they will be able to identify it. The person shuffling the cards now places a randomly chosen card face down on the table. The owner of the quarter peeks at it and without telling anyone what card he saw, writes the initials of the card on the back of the quarter, keeping it hidden from everyone else. You cover the quarter with your handkerchief and pass the quarter to some new person to hold it and guard it. The playing cards are gathered up and placed back inside the card box

Now you point to a container made of Goober Jar Lids that was sitting on the table even before you began. You ask a spectator to pick up the container, shake it to hear that something is inside, and to guard the container to prevent you from performing a miracle. The miracle you have in mind is to make the quarter, which is being held tightly beneath the handkerchief, to disappear and then reappear inside that Goober Lids container without you going anywhere near either the handkerchief or the container.

Ask the person who thinks he is holding the quarter to remove the handkerchief. He discovers he is holding a metal disk that says “GONE!” on both sides.

The person holding the container removes the rubber bands and discovers a piece of individually wrapped candy or a small bag of candies. The candy is unwrapped and from the wrapping drops the quarter still containing the spectator’s initials, and the name of the card that he peeked at. Also inside the wrapping is a miniature playing card, matching the card chosen and written on the quarter. The spectator holding the card box opens it and finds that the entire deck of cards has been shrunk to tiny playing cards. What the hey!



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