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A Touch of Magic
by Jim Gerrish

You can have any number of cards, Tarot or regular playing cards freely chosen. In fact, any flat object that will fit inside an envelope can be used, including dollar bills, business cards, greeting cards, photographs of any subject, and so on. You have a spectator select one of the flat objects described above. He then selects one envelope from a stack of envelopes you have shuffled and mixed up. He places the flat object he has chosen inside the envelope, and then fills up any number of other envelopes with the flat objects he did NOT choose. He mixes up the envelopes until he himself doesn’t know which envelope contains his chosen flat object. One by one he hands the envelopes to you and you place three of them down on the table or on a music stand. He points to any two of the envelopes, and finally points to one envelope. When he opens the last envelope chosen, it contains the flat object he originally chose and hid from sight.



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