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Portable Rabbit Hole
by Jim Gerrish & Yusif Tremil

This is a combination of Jim's "What's Up?" crazy arrow (from Hardboard & Duct Tape Magic ) with a new type of rabbit cage that folds completely flat to show it is empty.

Effect: The magician shows the audience his “Portable Rabbit Hole” which is the square plaque with a large black circle on it and a white arrow in the center (shown above). This can be shown on all sides.

You begin with the spinning Arrow Plaque, in which the arrows on both sides point in the same direction, then point in opposite directions and every which way. Meanwhile, you are showing that the plaque has no rabbits hiding in or on or behind it. The arrow opens up and you can put your hand right through the hole in the plaque... no rabbit.

Now you show the empty flat rabbit cage, open it up, show it on all sides ... no rabbit. The Arrow Plaque is placed on top of the cage. Suddenly a bunny (live or puppet) pops up out of the portable hole on top of the cage. From there you can lift the bunny out and begin your funny bunny business until it is time for the bunny to take his or her nap. The magician opens up the portable hole and the bunny is pushed down inside. It just seems to vanish! You immediately take everything apart, including your table, and the rabbit is really gone. Everything is shown on all sides and folded flat and that's that!



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