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by Yusif Tremil

Using $10 decks of playing cards with 54 different movie posters on the faces (Western, Horror, Sci-Fi, Comedy, etc.), you perform a variety of Mix and Match card tricks with a spectator.

Example: Spectator freely chooses a card face up for himself, attaches a sticky note to it with his name signed, and then freely chooses a Western Poster card face down for you, to which you attach your own signed sticky note. The two cards trade places instantly.

We show you how to make Western Poster Poker Chips which can be used to predict which Western Poster Playing Card or Cards will be chosen in the future by a spectator.

More card tricks using these cards are also explained, such as Hardin's Satan's Mail, Hugard's Double Card Prediction and suggestions for other Magic Nook card tricks that can be easily converted into Western Movie Magic Tricks.


Also, you can save money by using your computer printer to make your own themed playing cards and posters if you prefer.



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