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Coined in the USA
by Yusif Tremil & Jim Gerrish

Coin magic for Coin Collector Magicians*

Using materials available from Littleton Coin Company, perform the ultimate coin trick of all coin tricks. For example, show your collection of USA Quarters from all 50 states. Hand the board to a spectator and ask him to remove one of the quarters without showing it to anyone, then drop the coin removed into a small envelope. The coin removed is named and is seen to be missing from the display board. Suddenly the envelope containing the coin bursts into flames, and the coin is now back in place on the display. That's just one of many great coin tricks you'll learn!

We start small, simple and inexpensive:

The Merry Christmas Coin Set for 2020 features a penny, nickle, dime, quarter and half dollar dated 2020. It costs $9.95 complete with coins from the Littleton Coin Company. Follow my instructions to have a spectator remove one of the coins from the Christmas card, which you can make disappear (my flashing flame vanish or any of your favorite ways) and then the coin ends up back in its place on the card.

From there, if you are feeling wealthy, you can buy the 50 State Flag Display for $28.95 (shown at top of page), collect your own quarters or buy a complete set of 50 Flag Quarters for $120 and do the same trick- or perform it with several quarters that are freely chosen for vanishing and reappearing.


My favorite variation allows me to have a date chosen (like my birthdate - 1970 US Mint Proof Set ) and then show a collection of coins with my birthdate (or whatever birthdate you wish if you want to surprise a member of the audience by using his or her birthdate).

An alternate variation is to have each of the coins appear on the card, one by one in the order chosen by a spectator who calls out "Nickle, Penny, Quarter" and you make each coin appear in that order.


These are new coin tricks based on old methods. Note: these magic e-Books are NOT for curious coin collectors, but only sold to VERIFIED MAGICIANS who will know how to use them from personal experience in performing coin magic. Anyone can buy the materials from Littleton or other coin shops, but we only sell our magic secrets to verified magicians.


Imagine being able to do magic with entire collections of coins rather than just one coin or even several coins that aren't connected. Identify the coins used by state, denomination, historical figures, events, animals, or dates. Use coin holders provided by the Littleton Coin Company, or make your own from cardboard and some fancy cutting. Use your own collection of coins, or buy complete matched sets from Littleton.


Littleton also has coins from Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries, but in this e-Book we limit ourselves to describing tricks using coins from the U.S.A. Most of the same tricks work with any of their coin sets.


Other Coin Collector Coin Tricks include uses for Littleton's Colorized Coins, such as their Christmas Ornament coins as well as other themes for colorization.

* Verified Magicians who are skilled and knowledgable in coin magic.



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