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3-D Magic
by Jim Gerrish

First, get yourself a pair of 3-D anaglyph glasses BEFORE you order this e-Book, so you'll know what kind of magical world you are entering. If you have the red-blue (or red-cyan) glasses, look at the 3-D pictures on this page. This is just the beginning. You can create an entire show of visual wonders using 3-D projections, 3-D cards, 3-D games and 3-D posters. Of course the audience will have to be equipped with glasses, but these days they are used to that when attending 3-D movies, and I'll even show you how to sell them the glasses for a small profit and on-going advertisements for your 3-D Magic show.

3-D Magic Tricks, like a "Cats and Canary" trick that jumps off the cards at you.

Stage scenery to imerse your entire stage background in 3-D images.

Posters, Zombie Moon, Jokers, New Illusions, and more...


3-D Magic


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