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Double-Deck Mind-Match
by Jim Gerrish with P. Dennis

Based on U.F. Grant's 1947 Kard-U-Reka, both Gerrish and Dennis came up with variations that add new life to the old master's trick.

Two decks of cards are shuffled by the magician and four spectators, all of whom participate in shuffling the cards. One spectator freely chooses one of the decks for the spectators, and one for the magician, and the decks are placed into boxes labeled MY CARDS for the Magician and YOUR CARDS for the spectators just so there is no doubt. The magician's back is turned so he can't see what the spectators do next. The magician's MY CARDS deck is placed on the table in full sight while the spectators' cards from the YOUR CARDS box are cut by each of the four spectators into four piles, and from each of the four piles, each spectator digs around and freely chooses one card face down. The four freely chosen and unseen cards are then held by the four spectators so no one can see what cards have been chosen.

The magician turns around and removes his cards from the MY CARDS box. He can't read the spectator's minds; they haven't looked at the cards they freely chose and no one knows what they are. Instead, he will have to depend on Second Sight as he removes four cards from his deck of cards. One by one, the cards are turned over together to reveal that he has correctly divined all four cards freely and randomly chosen by each of the four spectators.

Also included, Jim's new (2019) Three-Deck Switch Box and how to build one from scratch or buy one and convert the box (your choice).

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