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Coupon Clipper & Coupon Couwickie
by Jim Gerrish

In 2017 I published Rip-Rite in The Wizards’ Journal #34, as a basic torn and restored newspaper performed with a supermarket advertising paper from our local store, Shop-Rite.

This year (2019), I will describe my TWO versions of what has become known as a “No Tear Newspaper.” You have already clipped out coupons from a supermarket advertising flyer, with jokes for each coupon bargain, but then you read the fine print and learn that the joke is on you. Coupons must be clipped out only when you check-out of the store. So you'll have to restore all the coupons back to the original flyer. Can it be done? Are you magician enough?

You almost get it right, but a few coupons flew out of the process and fell to the floor unnoticed! No problem. You put the escaped coupons into the paper and try again.

This time you are successful. The advertising flyer is completely restored and can be shown on both sides.

Coupon Couwickie begins with your pockets stuffed with coupons. You manage to produce the skeleton of the flyer from which you cut them, but how are you going to get them all back together?

This time you enlist the help of a spectator who has magical powers he or she never imagined. They take your pile of coupons and your skeleton of a flyer and manage to put all but two coupons (which were dropped on the floor before you handed them over) back together.

The spectator has a second chance to get it right, and this time the advertising flyer is completely restored while in their hands! Now they just have to bring it to the store and cut out all the coupons again under the watchful eye of the nasty coupon store manager. Once again, no problem. With a wave of a wand, the coupons all flutter down to the desk of the manager by themselves and you are back to where you started (see above photo).

Complete with Coupon Cut-up Jokes and silly bits of business.



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