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Magic À La Carte
by Jim Gerrish

New Ideas for Old Strollers. There's got to be an easier way to perform strolling magic as you get older. Check out Jim's Strolling Carte (Proto-type #1 shown above) that doubles as a walker for the weary. Jim grabs the side handles and pushes the Carte forward. Under the tabletop is a folding flat portable "chair."

The newer versions you will also find in the e-Book fold flat for transporation in a car or on the back of Jim's electric tricycle like Proto-type #2 shown above. Jim can toss his Big Red Box of Magic on top of that and be ready for a full day of strolling magic in the park, or wherever.

Then there's the folding Magic Rollator with a Seat, and the folding Magic Wheelchair Table for the more severely disabled. The Pièce de Résistance is the Strolling Magic Shack, inspired by Mister Porkpie, but redesigned by Jim to construct a Mini-Rolling-Stage from PVC pipe to cover all angles and which doesn't fold, but does break down for easy transportation.

That crazy clock in the top picture tells the truth about when the next show will be happening in the world of the stroller- it's always RIGHT NOW! But the clock has a sense of humor and changes the time on a whim. And there's more ideas like that one to go along with the various contraptions that Jim shows how to build to keep you going from customer to customer and show to show.

The photo shows Jim performing Qua-Fiki's Mumbo Jumbo Monte with three REALLY big cards that fit on the tabletop of his Stroller. The e-Book has a list of Magic Nook strolling effects you can make yourself that work well as strolling pieces and can be transported by a rolling stroller Carte like the one shown above, or the others in the e-Book. With the strolling Carte you are not limited by what you can carry in your pockets and you have access to the usual table secret stuff (wells and what-not).

The e-Book also includes ideas for decorating your Carte or Mini-Rolling-Stage, and has sources for items you might find difficult to locate, like the vinyl roller sign shown in the above photo, among others.

The Rolling Strolling Cartes are not only good for strolling in the parks or other outdoor events, but also strolling through hospitals and nursing homes, business conventions, schools, gyms, etc. This allows you to travel around and gather small audiences wherever you can roll your stuff!



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