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Easter Bunny Parade
by Jim Gerrish

Robert “Bob” Nelson (1901-1972), a practicing mentalist for many years, is most famous for “Peter Rabbit Goes To Town”, aka “Multiplying Rabbits” which he invented in 1944 and which was made famous by the S.S. Adams Joke and Magic Company. In 1947, that was one of my first magic tricks and the beginning of my Easter Bunny Parade. From there it went through many permutations each Easter when I knew it would be requested as part of my annual Easter Magic Show. It doesn't have to be only performed at Easter, but like the other sponge version can be performed at the drop of an egg. However, it was at Easter that I always added something new to the parade, so that is where it gets its name. Everything you need to perform it can be found at Oriental Trading Company, or most Party Goods stores. It combines sleight of hand moves from the original Multiplying Rabbits, the Red Devils, thimble magic routines, Cups and Balls, egg tricks, silk tricks and more. This is not for a beginner, but for the magician who never thought of using (for example) thimble moves in a sponge ball routine, or sponge ball moves with thimbles... and so on.

I call the first half of the routine "Bunny Hop" and it uses the finger puppets as thimbles/sponge balls.

The second half of the routine I call "Eggs and Eggs" (Cups and Balls with eggs!). It is performed with jumbo eggs for the Cups and mini-eggs for the Balls. The final loads are plush animals matching the characters in the thimble routine. Unlike many C&B routines, this one encourages the use of spectators to lift up the Jumbo Eggs to reveal both the small eggs and the loads.



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