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Bingo Games for Magicians
by Jim Gerrish

Many magicians end their party shows with supervised party games. They charge an extra fee for providing this additional service, to cover their expenses as well as the additional time they spend at the party. One way to segue into game time from the magic show, is to perform a Bingo Magic trick. You brag about how lucky you are, and to prove it, you pass out the Bingo Cards to the audience. One card for you to use is chosen freely by a member of the audience and put into a window envelope where it can be seen at all times. Just in case anyone thinks you are just tricky, not lucky, they can change Bingo Cards with you, right up until the first call is made. A few calls into the game, you shout "Bingo! I Won!" Your card is removed from the envelope and compared with the calling cards and sure enough, you won - fair and square! Or is it Magic? Meanwhile, you generously give away the gift you won to the next person to call Bingo, and then, if you wish, you can play out the games so everyone can win a consolation prize. This can be performed with 4x4 children's Bingo Cards like the ones shown from Oriental Trading, or with 5x5 regulation bingo cards. You always win first!

Inexpensive sources for Bingo Cards included.



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