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Window Wonderland
by Jim Gerrish

This effect combines Art and Magic; painting on glass and a card trick. You begin with the Magic – a spectator shuffles a deck of red-back cards, cuts the cards, and deals the cards, finally choosing one of the cards freely and setting it aside face-down and unseen by anyone. While this is going on you are quickly making a painting on a glass window; the one shown above is just an example.

A snowman is easily painted on glass and you can’t make a mistake… a snowman is a snowman … whether in a drawing or out on your lawn in the wintertime. The Magic in your Art comes when a blue-back card appears on your glass window painting... face down. Is it possible? Could it be the same card freely chosen moments ago from a red-backed deck by the spectator? Of course it is, because that's the Art of Magic!

Also includes a version for those who aren't ready to paint in public - both picture and the card appears just like magic.



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