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Elf Portal
by Jim Gerrish

Making little wooden Fairy Doors and Elf Doors has been around for awhile, but magicians haven't yet taken advantage of the idea for their own storytelling routines. You show the kids how to make the doors and attract fairies and elves to come into their houses. The Big Head Elf, Santa Claus, has his own portable door that allows him to get into everyone's house on Christmas Eve, but if you want to communicate with the tiny worker elves here's how to go about it.

Your Tiny Elf Portal will have the Elf assigned to your house peek in and leave little presents for everyone. Included are Illusion plans for turning your little Elf doll into a live child wearing a look-alike costume if you wish. One method is for using a child who is in on the secret, and another method is for a child from the audience who dresses up as an elf, but who has no clue as to how he appears by magic.

Also included is a Santa Portal, where Santa himself can make a surprise appearance before or after Christmas. This is too good to give away the joke and the surprise, so enough said!



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