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Silks From Newspaper Revisited
by Jim Gerrish

I never had much respect for the old “Silks From Newspaper” trick when I was a teen-age magician (1955-ish). It was too easy, too simple, and not challenging in the least. It was designed to produce 4 tiny silks by poking a hole in a sheet of newspaper that could be shown empty on both sides, again and again.

This advertisement is from a 1951 magic catalog.
The trick came in a box with a gimmick and four
small silk hankies; red, yellow, green and blue as
I recall. They were probably 6 inches square.

Now that I'm all grown up, I have given another look at the old trick and come up with some improvements that allow you to use up to ten full size (12" to 18") square or triangle or diamond silks, let a spectator help you make a hole and pluck the silks from the paper, produce a glass of wine as a partial finale, and then for the "finally!" finale, transform the individual silks into one huge silk or multi-colored banner.

Also included are instructions for making my "Twitch Tube" for visibly transforming the silks at the end.



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