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Totem Tubes
by Jim Gerrish

Jim's Totem Tubes represent symbols of Halloween from his heritage. That's Frankie-Burger on top with Jack-O-Weenie underneath, and grouchy Jim on the side. The Tubes can be folded flat and worn as masks, or opened up, shown to be empty, and immediately fill themselves with Halloween treasures. But they aren't limited to Halloween. You can design Totem Tubes in a variety of ways, all revealed and explored in the e-Book to give YOU ideas for your own designs. The tubes still fold flat, open up to be shown empty, and then you begin to produce a large quantity of magician's "stuff" commonly known as "production items".

Jim takes you step-by-step through the construction of the tubes from 1/8" Basswood, using hand tools or just a few power tools (your choice). Most of the time spent is letting the paint and glue dry, but you can be practicing in the meantime to get ready for Halloween shows by using cardboard prototypes. The tubes fold flat for travel but make a huge production. The trick can also be expanded by making other Totem Tubes (Ghost, Cat, Witch, Skull, etc.) that are held by members of the audience until you call them forth to reveal their treasures which can make this the most massive production routine you have ever performed. But at least start with the Totem Tubes shown and let the routine grow with you from year to year.



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