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Joker Houdini and Me!
by Al-Quadir Marsh and Jim Gerrish

When Qua-Fiki was a young teen, performing escapes as a Wiz Kid, he sometimes combined the escapes with magic. This is one of those “escape” magic tricks in which Qua-Fiki challenges the Great Houdini as a card trick.

After performing a rope escape, Qua-Fiki offers to challenge the Great Houdini to escape from a rope and he will attempt to beat him. Of course, Houdini being dead and all, Qua-Fiki removes and displays two Jokers kept in a transparent folder. The cards are shown front and back. One of the Jokers has a picture of Houdini, and the other shows Qua-Fiki (of course you will substitute your own photo!) performing the escape that he just showed his audience. You can have both cards signed on the faces by one or two spectators if you wish.

There are holes punched into the Jokers on each side (or a single hole at the top), and a cord is threaded through the holes. The ends of the cord stick out on each side, so the two cards can be lowered back into the jail folder, where they are told that both Jokers will attempt to escape from the string, and the first one out, wins… place your bets! Everyone wins because the two cards have merged into one!



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