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by Jim Gerrish

Inspired by a yard filled with weekly grocery store advertisements from Shop-Rite* when I got back home from vacation, I cleaned up by converting them into enough Torn & Restored magic tricks for several shows in advance, plus lots of practice. Now that the yard has been cleared of unsolicited junk mail, I know “Rite” where to go to get new supplies for future shows.

In making my “Rip-Rite” T&R version, I combined ideas from Karrell Fox’s “Final Edition Paper Tear, ” from Richard Osterlind's "Signed Torn and Restored Newspaper", and from my own "Torn & Restored Comic Book/Coloring Book" here at The Magic Nook, plus adding improvements from Spellbinder and Qua-Fiki and Ee-Gee-Fiki who always have bright ideas to share. Finally I cut out all the excess and came up with a no-nonsense "Do-As-I-Do" Rip-Rite routine in which a spectator from the audience chooses a paper for you to tear, tears it in half and gives you one piece while he keeps the other piece. The two of you then tear your halves of the paper together and he only gets lost when you are able to restore your half while his is still in shreds. Not to worry. You show him the secret of the magic wand, which he then waves over his torn pieces and finds that they are restored in his hands.


*Any advertising flyer papers will do, not just Shop-Rite!



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