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CLEAR-Voyance Cards
by Jim Gerrish

In the 1930's, Doctor J. B. Rhine used Zenner card designs in ESP tests. But Rhine recognized that his test couldn’t distinguish telepathy from clairvoyance. That is, there would be no way to tell whether a Receiver was receiving messages from the mind of the Sender or was receiving information independently of the Sender’s mind. That’s where my special Clairvoyance test cards come in handy. There are only eight cards, each card having random playing cards printed on them. A Sender and a Receiver are chosen from the audience. The Receiver is not trying to guess, nor to mentally see, the Sender’s freely and randomly chosen card, but only a hole in the universe of 52 cards. It is the ABSENCE of the Sender's card that he must perceive. The Receiver must mentally look for where it is NOT. And of course, he does! Every time! All by himself (or herself)!

The Clairvoyant Test Plaques have been on display and everyone can see that they represent all 52 cards on a standard deck of playing cards, but each individual Plaque has only a random scattering of cards. Using these tools, a spectator playing the role of Receiver correctly identifies the one card which the other spectator, playing the role of Sender transmits to him.

There are two bonus routines included which work well together with the CLEAR-Voyance Cards; Frank Garcia's Clear Voyant published in 1972, and also Bob Mason's 4-way prediction also known as the "Clear Voyant Prediction Frame." What a coincidence! Who would have thunk it? For those who are familiar with the Prediction Frame, please note that by combining Frank Garcia's trick with Bob Mason's trick, no force is needed and the frame can now become a true test of clairvoyance rather than just prediction of future events.

The CLEAR-Voyance Cards must be printed on Transparency Film for either inkjet or laser printer, lamination is optional. Frank Garcia's Clear Voyant gives you yet another chance to study the Gilbreath Principle. The Prediction Frame is easily built of foamboard or hardboard or wood. My "Improvement" on the Prediction Frame is also included. But, being clairvoyant, you already knew that, didn't you?



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