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Bongo Balloon
by Jim Gerrish

Jim seems to have dedicated this issue of The Wizards' Journal to the creative memory of Ali Bongo, wizard of Pongolia. In his act, Ali Bongo performed a version of swords through balloon that was like ... but unlike ... anything on the market. It was something he made himself (as were so many of his best props). You can make one, too. This e-Book shows you how.

Jim begins with the history of the balloon penetration effects and points how how Ali Bongo's version is different from all the other versions on the market, and why this version has to be hand made and will probably never be sold in a magic store because it involves "sleight of balloon" you just can't buy. He and Qua-Fiki photograph the construction and "balloon training" process step by step, and include sources for all the materials used.



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