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D.I.Y. Divination Discs
by Jim Gerrish

Based on Divination Discs as described by Ali Bongo in his 1980 Book of Magic, Jim shows you his method of making his own discs using pictures rather than obscure symbols, and designing sets of discs for every season and theme that you might want to celebrate. The picture above shows two of the discs from his Christmas and President's Day set. A Halloween set is also included. The USA Presidents collection for Presidents' Day is described as an excercise for the student. After that, you are on your own to make discs of wild animals, story book characters, or whatever your heart desires.

Effect: A spectator has a free choice of any picture shown on the discs or in a set of picture cards matched to the discs. The magician instantly knows which picture was chosen.

Other variations on the basic effect and using the same principles are easy to print out for all occasions, not just Christmas, once you see how it is done. Templates are provided for printing out Jim's designs on your computer printer, then you can rubber cement them to cardboard for permanent use.



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