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The Adventures of Chicken Little
by Jim Gerrish

Children of all ages know and enjoy the story of Chicken Little with it cast of characters with the funny rhyming names, Henny Penny, Ducky Wuckie, Goosey Lucy, and so on. It's a story for modern times as well, equating the "sky is falling" with "global warming" and running around in a panic before all the facts are known. This e-Book gives you many ways to tell the story- with picture cards, with a shadow-puppet show, with a Punch and Judy type hand puppet show, and with an audience dress-up participation skit including an optional Illusion finale.

Many of the illustrations used on our cards are by Marjorie Hartwell from Connecticut, an artist and illustrator of children’s books during the 1950’s.

Effect of Chicken Little - The Card Trick: The magician hands out jumbo playing cards, blank on both sides. The cards are returned to him and he begins to tell the story of Chicken Little. Each time a new character appears in the story, a blank card is turned over and on the card is now imprinted the character's name and a picture. When the characters meet up with Foxy Loxy, they have to be rescued which they do, thanks to a squirrel named Squirrely Whirley, and the magician and his helper from the audience create a magic cage to hold Foxy as the picture cards return to all blank cards on both sides.

Chicken Little from Alquadir Marsh on Vimeo.

Wiz-Kid Qua-Fiki demonstrates a "bare bones" effect showing what you will be able to do once you make the cards and the box following the directions in the e-Book, but YOU have to tell the story like a real story-teller, with lots of chicken noises and quacking and gobbling and flapping your arms.

Chicken Little


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