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Clown Phobia
by Jim Gerrish

The magician, who pretends to be afraid of clowns, calls up four or five helpers from the audience to help him perform a trick with "invisible handkerchiefs." The helpers make their invisible handkerchiefs visible, and each one is a different color. For a finale, all the handkerchiefs merge together into a giant silk picture of a clown, but by then, with the children's help, the performer has gotten over his "phobia" of clowns and turns into a clown himself, with the aid of a big red clown nose. A great way to deal with children who actually have a fear of clowns by allowing them to help you not be afraid. This makes a great companion trick to Clown Clones.

In the video demonstration below, Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki shows you just the basic effect, using his one helper, but you can see that this can be done with as many helpers as you have color silks for. The color-wheel selection of colors is not demonstrated in order to keep the secret ... a secret!

ClownPhobia 1 from Alquadir Marsh on Vimeo.



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