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by Jim Gerrish

Back from Oblivion, four tricks from our past history that didn't make the cut of time as ordinary magic tricks, get new life breathed into them with the addition of Hypnosis. Is it REAL or is it NOT REAL? Who cares? It SEEMS real and a little scary! Are those circles up there really moving? Why do they stop spinning when you look at them directly?

Includes: Hypno-Conflictus - based on Conflictus, a trick last seen in the 1970's - creator unknown.

Hypno- Blanko - based on U.F. Grant's Jumbo Blanko with a lot more Blankos.

Hypno-Spin - Based on Dr. Dailey's Last Trick with some cards that look like they are spinning out of control.

Hypno-Hallucination, based on Eddie Clever's 1934 Hallucination trick from Jinx #1, but made for Jumbo Cards.

Here's a demonstration of Hypno-Spin by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki:

Hypno-Spin by Jim Gerrish from The Magic Nook from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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