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MC Jumbo Card Tricks
by Jim Gerrish

Four quick and easy card tricks performed with jumbo or Super Jumbo cards. You make them yourself from an inexpensive pack of regular sized, jumbo or super jumbo cards, whatever suits your circumstances, parlor to stage. I always like to grab a music stand from the orchestra and use it both as a table and a stand to display the cards, but suit yourself. Four different effects are given - short enough not to annoy the other performers you are about to announce, but long enough to allow each of them to get ready. Each effect has built in "applause cues". Best of all, they don't HAVE to be used as MC tricks, but each one is strong enough to insert into your show, or reserve as an emergency effect if you need to replace a broken trick or expand your act by a few minutes.

Includes Jolly Joker Spelling Trick, Cutting the Cards, Match Me If You Can, and The World Famous Four Queen Trick.

The Jolly Joker from The Magic Nook from James Gerrish on Vimeo.

Wiz Kid Qua-fiki Cutting the Cards from Alquadir Marsh on Vimeo.

Match Me If You Can from Alquadir Marsh on Vimeo.

The World Famous Four Queens Trick from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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