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In Their Hands C&R Rope

by Robert Harbin, but revisited and brought up-to-date by Jim Gerrish

Effect: With clean hands (totally empty) you toss out a length of rope into the audience. Harbin used a full hank of rope, but any length will do. Ask the one who caught the rope to bring it back to the stage after checking it over, and ask him to bring a friend. The two helpers stretch out the rope between them as you stand behind the middle of the rope. You gather up the center of the rope, pulling it through your left hand to form a loop. You then have a rehearsal of how they are to pull the rope from your hands at the end.

Now you bring out a pair of scissors and hand them to a third helper. Once again you grab the center of the rope and pull it into a loop above your left fist. You ask the third helper to cut the rope in the center and step back so the audience can see a miracle. You have your original two helpers pull as hard as they can and the rope is suddenly fully restored and you stand there with empty hands raised in the "applause cue". You can give them the rope to think about how it was done as you collect the scissors and leave them in awe of your magic powers.

Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki demonstrates with two helpers:

In THEIR Hands C&R Rope from James Gerrish on Vimeo.



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