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Snake Shadow Illusion
by Professor Spellbinder

The Snake in the Basket goes back to the days of Snake Charmers in Egypt, India, and ancient Mexico, when vipers of all kinds were kept in a basket and brought forth for the amusement of a crowd.

As a magic trick, The Snake Basket was introduced and probably invented by Russell Swann circa 1939, using a prop built by Earl Violet. It was then marketed by Jack Hughes and latter by Abbotts. Since then, there have been several mechanical versions on the market, but none as simple and flat packing as the shadow illusion described by Professor Spellbinder in this final offering from his "Silent Lecture." The audience is either terrified of the shadow of the snake as it slithers up and out of its "basket," or laughing until the tears leak out of their eyes with the hilarious nonsense that follows the initial terror. Almost everything you need to build and produce this illusion can be found in Dollar Stores or on-line from sources given in the e-Book.



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