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Deepest Sympathy
by Professor Spellbinder

It started in 1913 with Herbert Milton's Sympathetic Clubs, and has gone through several variations through Nate Leipzeig, Derek Dingle, and others. Now Professor Spellbinder has his turn with a variation of the Sympathetic Cards, no longer limited to clubs, using hands-on spectator help and free choices, which not only arranges the cards in a sympathetic fashion, but also opens a combination lock held by a spectator. Instead of learning ONE way to perform sympathetic cards, you learn basic principles which allow you to perform sympathetic cards in a variety of different ways, with different outcomes, matching random events like serial numbers on borrowed banknotes, bingo ball lotteries, or finding a word on a dictionary page. The cards can be giant cards (as shown in the photo) or regular playing cards fresh out of the box. Everything is covered. If you can't find a method in this e-Book to perform this trick the way YOU want, you have my Deepest Sympathy.



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