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by Wiz Kid Qua-Fiki & Professor Spellbinder

Qua-Fiki and I collaborated in developing a variation of the Ring, Watch & Wallet trick that is performed as a playlet with an audience helper taking the role of the robber. Qua-Fiki's version brings new life to this 1930 (at least!) effect of Oswald Rae. I mostly contributed research and history and wrote up Qua-Fiki's mean, clean routine.

What makes this routine different from all the others is the absence of complicated or expensive gimmicks. It can be performed practically impromptu with an ordinary wallet, watch and ring. Throw in a greasy lunch bag, a goofy disguise and a banana and you are all set to act out a little playlet with a spectator from the audience, whom you prompt through his lines.

It is the spectator who plays the role of the robber, who gets to remove your wallet from your pocket, who takes your money from the wallet (there goes the trick wallet idea!), who takes the watch off your wrist after checking to make sure you don't have any more watches hidden on your person (there goes the duplicate watch idea!), and who takes the ring off your finger and drops it in the paper lunch bag all by himself (there goes a whole lot of other clever getaways for the ring!).

And it is the spectator who tears up the lunch bag looking for the stuff he dropped into it just moments ago. But like all the other versions of the effect, you end up with the ring on your finger, the watch on your wrist, and when the spectator opens your wallet a second time - all of your money is back in place.



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